Wardrobe Wishlist Update + Budget Setting for 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

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Hey everyone! How were your New Years? Personally I thought it was so amazing that New Year's Day was a Friday so we had a nice long weekend to relax and prepare for the year ahead. If you missed my post last week, I shared a little update on what I'll be up to the first three months of this year.

I don't like to make sweeping resolutions every year, I find they never work out for me. Instead I have a few broad goals I've already started working towards that I want to continue working on. These include: being healthier overall, making the most of my days, and budgeting my money more. I have a couple of trips coming up this year and I'd like to build-up my savings account so it's essential to budget in order to accomplish these goals. Additionally, Alex and I will be moving apartments at some point during the year so I'd like some extra money to get a new couch and decorate the new space.

With that said I thought it would be good to revisit the wardrobe wishlist I penned in September to reassess what I have gotten over the fall and to refocus myself when I am shopping during the new year. Another thing I am going to do is set a quarterly clothing budget and post about it on my blog in order to hold myself accountable for my purchases.

I have decided on a quarterly budget of $800. This will allow me to spend more in a certain month or less in a certain month. I can also rollover any unused amount from a previous quarter. Mid-year I will reassess how this system is working for me to determine if this budget amount fits my savings goals and my lifestyle. I also have been working to clean out my closet, it's really hard because storage space does not exist in my apartment. I cannot wait to have better clothing storage in my next apartment so that I can really take inventory of my clothes and get a better sense of what I use and what I don't use.

I will be providing month budget posts as part of Fran's link-up to hold myself accountable and assess if my purchases were wins or losses. Get ready to come along for the ride!

Wardrobe Wishlist Update:


- Grey work pants
- Dark wash boyfriend jeans (obtained in October 2015)
- White jeans (I have a pair of destroyed white, I want a crisp white jean)


- New red peacoat
- A long parka for walking downtown in the winter
- Barbour waxed Beadnell
- Black leather coat
- Tan long coat


- White oxford
- Blue and white striped oxford (gifted by Alex this past Christmas)
- Gray cashmere sweater
- Tan sweater (Obtained this sweater November 2015, see post here)
- striped turtleneck (Obtained this turtleneck October 2015, see posts here and here)
- Silk Razor Back Camisole
- Navy Blue Blazer
- Red Blazer


- Gray suiting dress
- White eyelet dress
- Black cocktail dress
- Cocktail dress for summer weddings
- Gingham dress
- Navy suiting dress


- Brown/tan booties (obtained November 2015, see post here)
- Red pumps (obtained these pumps December 2015)
- Plain black pumps
- Black over-the-knee boots
- Black flats (obtained these flats September 2015)
- Navy pumps
- Tan flats
- Pale pink flats
- White pumps
- Neon running shoes
- Sperry boat shoes
- Leopard flats (obtained December 2015)
- Red Orsay flats
- Nude low-heel pumps


- Brown/Tan leather work tote
- Red crossbody bag
- Gray leather everyday bag (got this bag for Christmas from my mom and dad)
- Bucket tote
- Large black leather work tote
- New Longchamp 'Le Pilage' tote in Eggplant

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  1. You have a lot of the items I want on my wish list too! Can't wait to see what's in store for you this year and for your blog!


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