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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hi there! Where has the time gone? I feel like I blinked and the weather is warm, I've been working at home for going on 8 weeks, and Memorial Day weekend came and went. We were supposed to be heading back from Japan this weekend after an amazing 15-day trip...but that has been put on hold until 2021 (hopefully).

I am going back and forth between lusting over travel pictures and researching hotels for our next journeys, and feeling far too sad to even think about traveling. So right now I am using books as my escape.

I have been reading a LOT (even more than normal) over these past months and I can't wait to share my thoughts with you all!


Wow, this book was short but so powerful. I have not read the first book by Julie Otsuka, but I am now adding to my list. This novel is written in eight parts using the first person plural. Rather than follow one or two characters we follow the story of thousands of women who came from Japan to the United States as mail-order brides. The book begins with the women on the boats, sharing photos of their new husbands, reminiscing about their loved ones they left behind, both fearful and excited. The novel then progresses to discuss their first nights with their husbands, the back-breaking labor they endure on farms and as house servants, giving birth to their children, raising children that reject their heritage as they are discriminated for being Japanese even though they were born in the United States, the start of World War II, and leaving for the internment camps. It is sad, moving, and powerful.

The narratives gives details of single members of the group but never wavers from using the first person plural. It put my own life in perspective on how easy I have had it. For anyone interested in history or looking for a powerful narrative on a human experience I recommend. 

I listened to this book on audio over the course of about two weeks. Wow. This book really touched me. I thoroughly enjoyed listening on audio, even though some of the parts were difficult for me to listen to as they were very emotional. I found myself tearing up, laughing, and smiling at different times throughout the book.

The short: Lori Gottlieb is a therapist working in Los Angeles. This book is part a reflection of her time in therapy following a sudden difficult break-up with her long-term boyfriend and part a reflection of her work as a therapist where we follow four of her clients.

The long: The book details Lori's journey to become a therapist, beginning her career as a production assistant and television writer, to attending medical school, to being a journalist. The book jumps to different times in Lori's life, starting with her already working as a therapist and breaking up with her boyfriend, then going back to her early days in her career, and then moving back and forth between her current patients and therapy journey intermixed with her career journey. It is not hard to follow and I thought the switches kept things interesting. I was never bored with one section, rather each time a new chapter started I was excited, like "Oh yay, we get to check-in with John or oh now we will get some more time of Lori working with Wendell".

The four patients highlighted include: John, a successful TV writer, Rita, a 69-year old lonely woman who has decided to commit suicide if she doesn't have a relationship before her 70th birthday, Charlotte, a 20-something who is coming to terms with her alcoholism and her habit of sleeping with the wrong people, and Julie, a newlywed dealing with a terrible cancer diagnosis.

Intermixed, we witness Lori's relationship with her own therapist, Wendell, who is helping her in the aftermath of her breakup. I laughed, I almost cried, and I really enjoyed this therapy-positive book. This will make you want to find a therapist like Lori or Wendell that you can go to to work through whatever you're facing in your life, because let's be honest - we all could use someone to talk to.

Overall Rating: A-

3// The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

This is a very quick read. Not only are there random blank pages, but none of it is dense or difficult to get through. It jumps right into the story on page one.

That being said, there was ONE like-able character in this book. ONE. Everyone else I found extremely unlike able and therefore was rooting for no one. The main character especially I did not like at all, which is a big reason it’s 3 stars for me. It will keep you reading as you will want to find out the answers to the mystery, but I didn’t find the reveals particularly compelling or shocking,

The premise of the story is Alicia Berenson was a successful artist living with her husband Gabriel, a fashion photographer, in a posh London suburb. They seem happy and in love but one day Gabriel returns from work and Alicia shoots him in the head before attempting to commit suicide. She never speaks another word and is committed to a mental hospital where she remains silent, expect for one artistic expression she creates during her trial.

Psychotherapist Theo Faber is obsessed with the story and applies for a job at the institute housing Alicia to attempt to get her to talk. Will Theo unlock the mystery surrounding Alicia? Will she ever speak again? What really happened the days leading up to the murder?

Overall Rating: C-

4// Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

This is a super quick, quirky read. Keiko Furukura has been working in a convenience store for the past 18 years. She likes being a convenience store worker as she knows exactly how to act (thanks to their training manual) and fits in easily as an employee of the store.

The issue is, the rest of the world does not seem content with Keiko working at a “dead-end” job, remaining unmarried and childless, and not seeking any change. This novel is a super short and quick read which will leave you thinking about society and what is “normal”. The social commentary upset me at times and the novel also had me feeling for Keiko, despite her rather dark thoughts at times. I thought this was an interesting read and could spark a very interesting discussion. I’d recommend it for your next book club pick!

Overall Rating: A-

5// The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain

This book. This book. This book really messed with my mind and emotions, BUT I also loved it and read it very quickly. I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars because while I did like the book there were a couple times I was angry at the characters and story-line and I could see some of the twists coming.

Caroline (Carly) Sears is a young physical therapist and Vietnam War widow living in the Outer Banks in 1970. She is pregnant with her late husband’s baby and is shattered when she finds out that the baby has a heart defect and will not live past birth. However, her brother-in-law tells her there may be another option. What he suggests seems impossible, but Carly will do anything to save her unborn daughter. However, going down this path will change everything forever.

Overall, I really liked this book, the characters were likable which is important to me and I found it moved at a good pace. Definitely recommend!

Overall Rating: A-

6// The Proposal by Jasmine Guillroy

Nikole (Nik) is shocked when she goes to a Dodgers game with her wannabe-actor boyfriend and his friends. In the middle of the game her proposes (out of nowhere) and is shocked when Nik turns him down! A couple of seats away, Carlos and his sister see it all going down and rescue Nik from the stadium cameras coming to assault her. Little to do they know, everything goes viral and Nik is mortified.

However, from this crazy situation Nik and Carlos develop a friendship...which quickly turns into a friends with benefits situation. However, Is Nik ready for a new relationship? Does Carlos even want that?

This cute rom-com will have you rooting for Carlos and Nik from the start. It was also nice to see minorities represented in a love story, and I really like Nik as a character. While not the deepest thing you'll read, still light-hearted and enjoyable. 

Overall Rating: B

7// Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

I'm sure you're heard about this book before and don't need me to summarize...but I will for completeness sake. This is the story of two families who could not be more different. Mia and her daughter Pearl have been vagrant Pearl's entire life, always moving from town to town. On the flip side, the Richardson family has deep roots in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Elena Richardson rents her rental property to Mia and Pearl, and the families begin to interact and intertwine from there.

As Elena discovers more about Mia's past, Pearl becomes involved with the Richardson children. Secrets are exposed which shake the entire community, and leave neither family the same.

I enjoyed this book and love Ng's writing about family relationships, particularly mother-daughter. I thought the plot moved quickly and was interesting and compelling. 

Overall Rating: A-


1// Conviction by Denise Mena

Anna has a secret, we know this from the start. This novel begins in Scotland, with Anna at home and excited to listen to a new true crime podcast. However, her world is turned upside down suddenly, both her husband announces he’s leaving her for her best friend and the subject of the podcast is someone she knew years ago. As Anna struggles to hold on, secrets begin to unravel which set her, and her ex-best-friend’s soon to be ex-husband Fin, on an adventure across Europe.

Two mystery’s in one this novel was easy to read, however I wasn’t compelled by the main character. The twists I did find unpredictable, but maybe not earned. Either way, fans of British/Scottish thrillers will enjoy this novel. I thought the podcast element was also unique and fun. 

Overall Rating: B-

2// Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

For the first eighteen years of her life, Rose Gold Watts believed she was seriously ill. She was allergic to everything, used a wheelchair and practically lived at the hospital. Neighbors did all they could, holding fundraisers and offering shoulders to cry on, but no matter how many doctors, tests, or surgeries, no one could figure out what was wrong with Rose Gold. Turns out, the only thing wrong was the poison her mother, Patty gave her in her meals. Now, Rose Gold has sent Patty to prison, but she's about to be released.

And Rose Gold is anxiously awaiting for their their reunion.

This book was a very quick read for me (as in, I read it in one day). The story moves quickly and you will want to know what's happening next. While some of the plot points are fairly obvious, there are a few twists I did not see coming. The main issue with this book is most of the characters are unlikable, and it makes it hard to choose a side as both Rose Gold and Patty are deeply troubled.

Either way, if you enjoyed The Act on Hulu you will most likely find this book entertaining and easy to consume.

Overall Rating: C+

3// The Roxy Letters by Mary Pauline Lowry

This book took me a little bit to get into. Roxy is a struggling artist mostly vegan working at the Whole Foods deli in Austin, TX. Her ex-boyfriend Everett moves in with her and she begins writing him letters which detail her bizarre life and failures at love.

At first I thought the premise was utterly unbelievable as who would sit and write this detailed of a letter to their ex, but as the story went on it took on more a diary/ Bridget Jones quality. Roxy became much more likable and I enjoyed rooting for her in her love life misadventures and her vendetta against the Lululemon moving in to her beloved intersection in Austin.

Overall, this book was kooky, light-hearted, and a fun read. For fans of Bridget Jones Diary, meet Roxy, your new BFF 

Overall Rating: B-

4// Feels Like Falling by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Feels Like Falling by Kristy Woodson Harvey tells the story of two women, Gray and Diana, whose lives intertwine one summer at the beach. Told from the perspective of both women the book focuses on the importance of friendship and family.

Gray is a 34 year-old (almost 35) soon to be divorced single mom. She owns her own multi-million dollar affiliate marketing company she built from the ground up. She is living down the shore for the summer and navigating her new normal since her husband left her for his 20-something assistant and her mother passed away from cancer.

Diana is a 40-year old woman who leaves her loser boyfriend of eight years and gets fired from her job at the pharmacy in the same day. She is unsure where is is going to live or even get her next meal. Through maybe fate, she begins working for Gray as her housekeeper and the women become fast friends. Together they navigate new (and old) love interests, family drama, and the curve-balls life throws in their path.

What I liked about this story is it focused so heavily on female friendships rather than rivalries. The love interests in the book seemed a little under-developed but I loved how built out the female characters were. The reason I am giving this book 3 stars is it dragged at parts and some of the story lines seemed to be wrapped up in a neat package that wasn't necessarily earned. Either way, I felt this was a nice light-spirited read. Fans of female friendship fiction will enjoy this as a fun summer read.

Thank you to the publisher and author for providing me an electronic copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. 

Overall Rating: B

5// Little Whispers by K.L. Slater

Little Whispers by KL Slater is a domestic suspense novel taking place in England. Janey is excited when her husband, Isaac, receives an offer for a new job with a huge salary increase. The new job will require them to move to a posh street, Buckingham Crescent. Upon moving into their new home, which is much larger than anything they've dreamed of living in, Janey gets to know the other moms on the street, Edie, Tanya, and Kyoko. Each of these ladies is elegant, wealthy, and a fellow mom at the school Janey's son has transferred to.

Janey grows close to one of the moms, Tanya, and confesses a dark family secret to her one night after too much alcohol. Tanya vows to keep her secret, however threatens Janey that she will expose it when Janey witnesses Tanya's teenage daughter, Angel, participating in some questionable behavior that has a connection to a murder in the area. Will Janey get to the bottom of what Angel is up to? And why is her own husband acting to strange? On Buckingham Crescent nothing is as it seems.

I enjoyed this book and found it easy to get into. One issue however, is I felt it dragged a bit in the middle. Particularly when they kept hinting about "big secrets" and sketchy behavior but pulling a bait-and-switch and not revealing the secrets to the reader. For example., the novel is told from Janey's POV however it will skip over details of Janey's secret for much of the book, which got frustrating after it happened a couple of times. Also, there is a lot of details of Janey going to work, going shopping, etc. which serve for some character development but begin to drag about halfway through the book when you just want to find out the twists/secrets.

I did not predict all the twists and was surprised at the ending - so that was great! Overall, this was an easy book to get sucked into and you will want to finish it quickly to find out what everyone is hiding!

Thank you to the author and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in return for my honest review.

Overall Rating: B

6// Followers by Megan Angelo

Two timelines: one takes place a few years ago and one is 30 years in the future. And the future is bleak. In 2043, Marlow lives in Constellation, California with her husband, Ellis. She has over 10 million followers who watch her every move, as influencers now live in a gated community where everything they do is broadcast.

In the past, wannabe writer Orla is living in Chelsea with her roommate Floss and trying to figure out how to be a published author and make her way in the concrete jungle that is NYC. With some backhanded tricks Orla and Floss manage to make Floss famous and get her own reality show - which also makes Orla famous. But there’s a price to pay for fame. And then some terrible events strike the entire United States - events which will permanently change the future.

I enjoyed this book and read through it very quickly. It dragged a little at the end but overall I found this a very enjoyable, quick read. Anyone who enjoys following social media influencers will find this a fun and enjoyable read.

Overall Rating: B

7// The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

Thursday has an interesting arrangement with her husband, Seth. She shares him with two other wives who she has never met and does not know the names of. However, when Seth accidentally slips a personal detail about one of the other wives to Thursday, she cannot get over her curiosity and goes to meet her...only to discover that she is being physically abused.

But Seth has never been abusive to her...soon Thursday goes down a dark road to discover what her husband is hiding and the truth about her marriage.

I was drawn to this book as I love a good Big Love/Sister Wives story-line and find it fascinating. This book will keep you guessing as it is a thriller with an unreliable narrator - which was agitating at times. Overall, I enjoyed the book and found it to be a quick read but it wasn't exactly the story I was looking or hoping for. 

Overall Rating: B-

8// Th13teen by Steve Cavanagh (#4 in Eddie Flynn series, but you do not need to read books 1-3, I did not)

What if the serial killer isn't on trial...he's on the jury?

Fans of I Am Pilgrim, Law and Order, and Criminal Minds will enjoy this court room drama. This book is told from two points of view: ex-con artist turned lawyer, Eddie Flynn and a sociopathic highly intelligent serial killer, Joshua Kane. The trial of the decade is happening and Eddie Flynn somehow ends up on the defense team. The client is movie star Bobby Solomon who is accused of murdering his wife and head of security. It looks like an open and shut case - but we know from the start that Bobby is innocent. The killer is not on trial, he has managed to get himself a seat in the jury.

I really enjoyed the twists and turns of this book. As a big Criminal Minds fan I loved the intricate serial killer analysis. This book felt like watching an episode of the show - and I loved that! While some of the twists were a little predictable overall I was highly entertained and rooting for Eddie while hoping Kane would meet justice the whole time. I tore through this book because I needed answers. If you are looking for a book that’s easy to get into, look no further!

Overall Rating: B+

9 - 11// The Selection books 1-3 by Kiera Cass

This was sold to me by Grace Atwood at The Stripe and her podcast co-host Becca Freeman (they have a show called Bad On Paper where I like to get book recommendations as Grace and I have similar book tastes). They described it as "The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games" and I totally agree with that teaser.

In the future the United State is no more, the country has been replaced with a new country with a rigid caste system and a royal family. The entire nation is anticipating the upcoming Selection process where 35 hopeful young women will compete for the heart of the handsome Prince Maxon, and a chance to change the life of themselves and their families forever. 

America Singer does not expect to be chosen for The Selection, even though she is naturally beautiful and a talented musician she is a Five and therefore a member of a lower caste. Not to mention, she is in love with a Six, Aspen, her gorgeous neighbor who she wants to marry despite their class differences. However, things don't always work out as planned, and America is picked for the process...she can get through this without falling for Maxon...right?

This YA book is a VERY easy read and very addicting. I read all three books in about a week and thoroughly enjoyed the escape. Are they groundbreaking literature? No. But will you be entertained and enjoy the ride? Absolutely. 

Overall Rating for the three books: B+

Esther, Essie, Hicks is the youngest of six children and has been on her parents' television show, Six for Hicks, since was born. Raised by a deeply religious family, Essie has always been known to be a devout "good girl". Her entire family's reputation is based on it. However, Essie has a secret which can tear her family apart, and she decides to take some things into her own hands. 

I really enjoyed this book, if you are a fan (or enjoy watching the train-wreck) of the TLC shows like the Duggars, Bates, etc. you will enjoy this book. It is a quick read and you will be rooting for Essie while rooting against her family throughout the novel. 

I enjoyed the writing of this book and the story kept my attention after pulling me in right away. 4.5/5 stars.

Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse.

Overall Rating: A-


An exclusive wedding on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. Multiple viewpoints. A murder has happened, but we don't know the victim. Everyone has a motive. This is the set-up for The Guest List.

Jules runs a successful lifestyle magazine and is marrying the dashingly handsome Will. Will, is an up-and-coming television star known for his survival show. Also attending the wedding is Will's childhood best friend, and best man, Jule's best friend and his wife (the plus-one), Jules' sister and bridesmaid, and the owner of the Island/Wedding planner.

All of these characters have a secret, and all seem to have motive for murder.

I was sucked into this book right away. My dad is Irish and I enjoy a book taking place in Ireland, and a classy wedding sounds like the perfect escape right now. However, I thought some of the characters were a bit exaggerated and the red herons began to get irritating by the end of the book.

In summary, I enjoyed the book and it was a solid thriller and an easy read.

Overall Rating: B

Vanessa Wye is a fifteen year old bright girl from rural Maine who is thrilled when she get a scholarship to an exclusive boarding school, The Browick School. Her first year there goes ok but her only friend, Jenny, abandons her for a new boyfriend so she returns for sophomore year friendless and feeling a little lost. Vanessa’s favorite subject is English and in her English seminar class she meets Jacob Strane, a 43-year old imposing man who takes notice to Vanessa immediately.

The book alternates between the past, when Vanessa is at school, and present day where Vanessa is being contacted by another girl who had contact with Strane when she was a student.

Vanessa begins to try and come to terms with what happened to her when she was 15 - she always looked at it as a love story, but was it something more sinister? All the values she’s built her life around begin crumbling and she’s forced to look at her past through the lens that others removed from the situation can see it.

This book was well written, but it is not a “fun” read. The subject matter is very heavy and there were times I wanted to scream at multiple characters I found them so frustrating (but that was the point). Overall, it was a thought provoking read and an interesting take on the complicated feelings survivors experience. I also wanted to blast the Dixie Chicks song Gaslighter to Strane every time he talked - it was so infuriating. If you think you can handle the content I recommend the read.

TW: Sexual abuse & relationship between an adult and a minor.

Overall Rating: B+

This is the second book in a series, I highly recommend reading Matchmaking for Beginners before this one!

Picking up where we left off in the first book, Matchmaking for Beginners, Marnie and Patrick have now been dating for a few years and things are looking great. Marnie is running a successful flower shop and filling her life with misfits and projects, just like Blix would have done. However, Marnie desperately wants a child and Patrick is still dealing with unresolved issues from his accident years ago which killed his last girlfriend and left him burned.

As it happens in most books, things do not go according to plan for either Patrick or Marnie, when a former two-night stand of Patrick's shows up out of nowhere with an eight-year old daughter that Patrick had no idea he fathered. The two become parents overnight, and while Marnie immediately loves the role, Patrick is not so sure.

Written in the style of the first book, this novel is filled with love and a sprinkle of whimsy. I really became more attached to Marnie and Patrick in this book and was invested in where it would end. Even though I could predict where things were heading, there were some surprises along the way and the book captivated me the entire time. If you are looking for a cozy, sparkling, romance look no further. Thank you to the publisher, NetGalley, and the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Overall Rating: B+

For fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine comes another bookish heroine, Nina Hill, who is also completely fine. Mostly. Nina has a very scheduled, organized life between her job at a (failing) bookstore, trivia league, book clubs, and scheduled time to do nothing. She certainly does not have time for a family she knew nothing about, dates with a cute man from the opposing quiz bowl team, or making changes.

This novel was cute, warm, and made me feel happy. I liked Nina and while I am not an introvert I still understood her. I rooted for her the whole story and was excited to see the various adventures she went on. I also enjoyed the author's style of narration. Anyone looking for a cute romance, feel-good novel with an introverted imperfect bookish heroine, look no further

Overall Rating: B+

Tara Westover has not set foot in a formal classroom before the age of 17. Growing up in rural Idaho, Tara has a rough (not even a strong enough word for it) upbringing. Her parents are devout Mormons who do not believe in modern medicine and are constantly preparing for the end of days. Eventually Tara moves away from the mountain she knows as her home to study at BYU and eventually Cambridge, and in that process comes to question many of the beliefs she held so closely.

At times, this book was difficult to read. It felt like deriving entertainment from physical abuse, mental illness, and PTSD. However, as it is the author's personal memoir I felt it was important for her to be able to tell her story and for me, as a reader, to embrace it with an open mind. I found the family dynamics fascinating, and genuinely feel pain for the members of the family, such as Emily, still in that dysfunctional environment.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and it made me think. It is a great book to spark discussion and I recommend it to my friends and family.

Trigger Warning: child neglect and domestic violence

Overall Rating: B+

Set in 1974 the Allbright family consisting of Leni and her parents Cora and Ernt have lived a vagrant lifestyle. Ever since her father returned from Vietnam, where he was a POW, he hasn’t been quite his old self. When he finds out one of his fellow soldiers has left him his cabin and land in a remote part of Alaska he believes this will be the chance his family needs to get away and start over.

Alaska is beautiful, but dangerous, and while there are a million dangers outside, inside of the cabin becomes just as dangerous for Leni and Cora.

This novel spans years and tells a story of courage, love, and finding oneself. I really enjoyed the writing and was compelled to keep reading the whole time. I grew to really love Leni as a character and felt for her during this novel. I recommend to anyone looking to have their heart stomped on just a little a good way.

Trigger warning: domestic violence

Overall Rating: A

Connell Waldron is one of the most popular boys in high school in a small town in Northern Ireland. Marianne Sheridan has no friends. Connell's mother cleans Marianne's home and Connell often comes by to pick up his mother, sparking an unexpected relationship between Marianne and Connell. On paper, they couldn't be more different. Connell is popular and comes from a working-class background. Marianne is an outcast from a wealthy family. However, they find a connection that transcends these circumstances and ties them together. 

Later, Marianne and Connell both go off to University, where the circumstances shift and Marianne is suddenly posh and popular, where Connell struggles to find his footing. However, like in high school the two continuously circle each other in both a romantic and friendly way throughout the years.

This book was beautifully written and I came to love both of the main characters, especially Connell. I found it a VERY quick read. I highly recommend, its a different kind of love story which will give you all the feelings. 

Overall Rating: A

Two families go on a summer vacation to Italy together, but something goes horribly wrong. Told from the view point of each of the four adults on the trip, Siracusa discusses the complexities and falling apart of two families. Lizzie and Michael are New York City writers, Michael constantly feeling in the shadow of his Pulitzer winning play which was his first work, and Lizzie navigating through life in a loud and boisterous manner. 

Taylor and Finn live in Portland, Maine with her daughter, the tragically shy Snow. Taylor and Finn have a cold relationship, and Taylor spends all her time doting on Snow, who barely speaks to anyone except her mother. The two couples have very little in common, and as the reader moves day by day through the trip they begin to see the cracks between all the relationships growing bigger and bigger.

I enjoyed this book - I have a couple of issues with the ending as I feel some things were left a little too open, but overall I think it was a solid summer read. I am dreaming of a vacation to Italy right now...but maybe not this vacation.

Overall Rating: B-

Drought has settled on the town of Peaches in the valley in California. 14-year old Lacey May lives with her alcoholic mother and attends a church where the congregation worships the pastor, Vern, almost as much as God himself. The town believes following Vern's orders are the only way to bring the rain back to the valley and restore the town's past as the top producer of raisins. 

However, Vern's methods are questionable and downright illegal. Not only that, Lacey's mother is outcast from the group for being disloyal, leaving Lacey to live with her fanatical grandmother who is a firm believer in Vern. 

Lacey will stop at nothing to find her mother, and along the way she will begin to learn more about her own morals and beliefs as well. 

I've seen mixed reviews on this novel, but I really enjoyed it. It was a little slow at first and I noticed that a lot of the negative reviews gave up before or around the 50% mark. I think the book hits its stride in the last 50% - so if the synopsis and the idea of a book about a cult in the California desert, narrated through the eyes of a fourteen-year old girl appeals to you, then I would encourage you to keep reading. 

This isn't the book that is going to pull you in right away, but I thought it was well written and had compelling characters. I was thirsty for a glass of water the entire time I was reading!

Overall Rating: B

Have you read any of these books? I'd love to hear your thoughts! What is on your to-be read list for summer?

Also, I am preparing a list of my anticipated summer reads! Would love recommendations!

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