TBT: Memories of France

Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's hard to believe its been over five years since I spent my semester abroad in France. It truly was one of my favorite periods of my life and helped me grow and learn in so many ways, both in and outside of the classroom.
First off, I went to Paris without knowing a single person. I was on exchange at SciencesPo but no other students from Tulane went over my semester. Not only that, my school does not have dorms and therefore we had to secure our own apartment in Paris to live in. While at first this seemed REALLY scary (especially because I found my apartment online and wired the money to my landlord before leaving the United States, a HUGE leap of faith) it turned out to be THE BEST thing ever.
I think studying abroad is one of the best experiences you can have in college, and everyone should take advantage if possible. Studying abroad not only brushed up on my language skills but it taught me to make new friends, come out of my comfort zone, and learn confidence and independence that I never thought I had.

That being said, I'm so so so excited that I'm going back to France, in less than a month! While I would love to move back to Europe I will take a 10-day vacation. I decided it'd be fun to do another TBT travel post (like this one I did in October about my time in Peru) and go through some photos that bring back fond memories of my time in France.

Why go back to France? Why not go somewhere else? Well, while Alex and I considered going to a new country, he has never been to France. It's such a special place to me that I really wanted to take Alex and show him around Paris, and explore a new part of the country I haven't seen yet. So, look forward to a couple more posts about packing, favorite spots, etc. in the weeks leading up to our trip. If you can't tell I'm very excited, seriously is it time to go yet?

One last note, when going through my old photos for this post I found this picture from 2011 in Paris, ironic since Pokemon Go has made it that they really ARE everywhere now, anyone else playing?

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Stitch Fix Box #2 - Review & Try-On

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

First off, how is it already the end of July? I feel like summer is just FLYING by and I don't know how I feel about it? This past weekend I had a work event on Saturday in Wilmington, so I drove down early to shop at Nordstrom in Delaware before the event and see if I wanted to scoop up any fall looks on sale (#Nsale). Unfortunately, the booties I had my eye on were sold out EVERYWHERE in my size, but I did score this cocoon cardigan which I'm already in love with. 

Anyways, if you have been reading for a little while you'll remember that last month I scheduled my first Stitch Fix! I really loved the experience and my stylist Shawna is great! I decided to get another fix this summer and see what other pieces they sent me. 

That fix arrived last Friday and it seriously feels like Christmas morning opening up my fix! I'll show you everything I got and let you know what I'm keeping, but first off here's a brief summary of how Stitch Fix works for those of you who don't know (for those of you familiar with the process, you can skip this part):

1// First fill out your style profile. They will ask you about your sizing, style preference, budget, etc. I really liked how detailed this quiz is because I was able to let them know how tall I am, what colors I usually don't wear, and other random things which will help them pick better pieces for me. You can even link a fashion board on Pinterest for them to get a better sense of your style.

2// Schedule your fix! You will be charged a $20 styling fee but that amount will come off of any clothing items you decide to keep! You can also choose to sign up for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly fixes! I choose to not subscribe so I can just ask for a fix whenever I feel I'd like to try something different. It's whatever works best for your style and budget! You can also leave your stylist a note when you schedule your fix, letting them know about upcoming events (I told them about my vacations planned for the summer), if there's something you don't want (I asked them to only send clothing and no blue jeans), or anything else! 

3// When you fix arrives try everything on and decide what you like! It's great because you can see if the pieces work with other things in your closet. Also you can have some time to try them on in the comfort of your own home. If you decide to keep all 5 items you will receive 25% off your entire fix!

4// Check out online and send back any unwanted items in a prepaid mailing envelope, it's so easy! Additionally, Stitch Fix includes styling cards which will give you different ideas for ways to wear the pieces!

Anyways, on to what I received in my second box! I let my stylist know about an upcoming wedding I'm attending and my big trip to trip France. I also let her know that I'd like at least one piece I could wear to work. I also pinned a lot on my Pinterest board with ideas so she could get a sense of my style. I think she did a great job again. I was on the fence about a couple of the items, but since I did some other shopping this month I decided to be more conservative with my budget.

1// LOVEAPPELA - Torie Knit Dress - Size Large - $68 - kept



I loved this piece as soon as I pulled it out of the box. The length is long enough to wear to work, it's comfortable, and I love the striped pattern. Win win win!

2 & 3. Market and Spruce - Poplin Eyelet Detail Top & Margaret M  - Sophie Printed Trim Detail Straight Leg Pant - both size large - $58 (top) $98 (pants)



 I apologize because it was probably 100 degrees when we were taking these photos and it was about to storm, so I didn't get the chance to iron this top out and make it look as cute as it is. I was really on the fence about the top because I do like the cut-out bottom detail and I don't have many white tops. That said, I don't think I could wear it to work because of the cut-out bottom so I decided to return.

The pants my stylist sent me as they are the same cut as the shorts I loved from my first fix. While they are comfortable, I thought they fell a little short on my leg and didn't quite flatter my legs. So unfortunately they went back.

4 // THML - Armide Babydoll Top - size large - $54 - returned



 I like how cool and breezy this top was, and it was very comfortable. I like that my stylist sent me something I normally wouldn't gravitate towards during my normal shopping, that's why I'm doing this service anyways! However, the top cut weird on my chest, I think it'd work better for someone with a smaller chest (like A or B) or someone that does not want to accentuate their waist and prefers to accentuate other areas. 

5// LOVEAPPELLA - Topeka Crossover Back Knit Top - size large - $54 - returned



I was on the fence about sending this one back as well. My stylist actually sent this to me because she noted I had pinned it on my style board! While I like the color and look of this top, the sleeves were a little itchy and not super comfortable. For that reason I don't see myself reaching for this and I decided to send it back. Hopefully I won't regret it!

What did you think about my second fix? What would you keep or return? 

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Five Four Club Review & Guest Post by my Boyfriend

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hi everyone! I have a little bit of a different post for you all today, a guest post from my boyfriend, Alex! If you read here a lot you'll notice I just tried my first Stitch Fix box in June (and my second fix is scheduled to arrive today, yay!). I was talking to Alex about the service and commented it'd be nice if there was a similar service for men, especially since most men hate shopping. Alex decided to sign up for a service called Five Four Club and I asked if he'd review it for the blog since I think other men and some of my female readers' husbands, boyfriends, brothers, etc might be interested in the company! So without further ado here is Alex's post.


Hello people of the internet, I'm Alex, Laura's boyfriend.  If you're a regular on here I'm sure you've seen my work as I take most of the pictures that Laura features on here.  Well today Laura decided to let me write my own post about a new clothing delivery company that I just started using, Five Four Club.

So, here's how it works, it's only 60 dollars a month and I got five pieces of clothes, which I think is great value.  Shipping is free, but there are no returns for different clothes; you can however exchange sizes if something doesn't fit you right. When you first log into the site it'll ask you a few questions about your style. you can pick from Forward, Casual, Classic, or a mix of all three. For my first box I decided to go with mix so I could get a feel overall of what the company has to offer.  Next, they'll ask if you want Vibrant and Rich, or Dark and Muted for your color scheme, I went with Vibrant and Rich.  After that they ask your top size, ranging from small to triple XL, I'm a large.  After that the questions shift to your pants size, from 29 to 44, and what style you want Slim, Straight, or Relaxed. I'm a 34 and I went with a Straight fit.  So without further ado, here is what I got in the box.

The first thing I tried on was a classic white collared shirt.  I think this is something every guy should have in their closet, as it really screams summer to me.  It was a good fit overall.
Next we have a white graphic shirt and a pair of swim trunks.  Again both fit very well.  I liked the look and feel of the shirt as I could see myself wearing it while I'm relaxing at home or for a night on the town. The swim trunks were nice too. I liked that they ended just above my knees.
Next is a blue Henley shirt.  Laura says this is her favorite piece that I got and I can see why.  Definitely a shirt she will approve of when we go out. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but again it's a great fit.


And last we have a pair of no show socks.  They say left and right on them, which is good for me as I constantly forget which feet my socks need to go on.

So overall I would 100 percent recommend Five Four Club.  As I've said everything that I got fits me really well.  The quality of the clothing is really good too, and at 60 dollars a month it's a really great deal too. You can cancel at any time, but I will definitely be a monthly customer of this quality service.  Also, they have their own exclusive store where you can buy clothes from their previous months box, all at half off their original prices.  So if this sounds like something you'd like to try, or ladies, if this sounds like something your boyfriend or husband would like as a gift I have great news. If you follow this link, you can get your first box for 30 dollars, 50 percent off.  So that's everything from me, I hope you enjoyed my post, Laura will be back soon, bye everyone.

Pink Summer Sweater

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When the sun begins to set and the nights begin to cool down there's nothing better than a lightweight sweater to wear in the summer. I am always cold so I'm actually shocked that I don't have more lightweight summer sweaters
We took these pictures at my favorite park, Peace Valley Park, on my way to my parents' house on Saturday afternoon. It had been a rough morning (read this post for my information on that) and so it was really nice to walk near the lake in one of my favorite spots growing up. Fun fact, I actually learned how to drive in the parking lot of this park!
I paired this lightweight sweater that I scored on mega-sale with my new favorite cut-off jean shorts. I know this outfit will take me into the fall on those Indian summer days and cool nights. 

I'm also kind of surprised I don't own more pink in my wardrobe. Looking at these pictures I really like how it pops against the denim shorts! I am also a Phi Mu alumna and our colors are pink and white, so I should probably start buying some more pink tops!

What do you think of this look? I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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101 in 1001 : 245 Day Update

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It's been awhile since I checked in with you all and talked about my 101 in 1001 goals progress! My last update was after 80 days and now we're already at day 245! Where did the time go? In case you missed it, get caught up here and see my full 101 in 1001 goals list. Basically, this is just a list of 101 things I hope to accomplish in the next approximately 3 years. I updated you on my progress in January after my list had been in effect for 80 days and it's time to check in and see where I am now!

I haven't been pulling out my list as much as I should be, but I am proud of the progress I've made so far. Here are the numbers:

Goals Completed: 12/101; $120 placed into a separate savings account

Notable Goals Completed:

ONE // Try a clothing subscription box (like Stitch Fix) - I finally signed up for my first Stitch Fix box which arrived in June! I blogged all about the process and everything I received. I really enjoyed the experience, so much that I'm getting another box this month, I actually just got a notification that it shipped! I'll be sure to write a post all about it once it arrives! 

TWO // Watch 3 Broadway Shows - Living in NYC for 5 months certainly made achieving this goal easier! I attended Chicago with Alex and An American in Paris with Michelle and Risa during Broadway Week in January! In May I went to Shuffle Along (which was really good!) with Risa, Andrew, and Adrienne! While I haven't made it to Hamilton I enjoyed all of the shows I was lucky enough to see so far this year. I'm hoping to see another show before the year is done, usually Alex and I like to go to one in the fall!

THREE // Try 10 new restaurants - I've honestly tried way more than 10 in this time period. Just traveling for work made sure of that. Here are some of the restaurants that I've tried in the last 245 days which I found the most notable: Uva, The Buffalo Club, Osteria, Antica, Dos Caminos, Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar, Giorgio on Pine, The Smith, Rosemary’s, Jack’s Wife Freda, Straight Wharf, Olio e Piu, Double Knot, Urban Farmer, Cafe Habana, Cuba, James' Beach Bar and Grill 

FOUR // Host a Theme Party - I hosted an Oscars party for some friends in February! We each voted on ballots who we thought would win, I made snacks, and we had some champagne and beer! It was a really fun night and I plan to do it again next year! 

FIVE // Watch all the nominees for Best Picture for the Oscars - I used to do this every year, but after college it became more difficult to have time to watch in the winter (hello busy season for public accounting). This year since I have a new job and no official busy season I was able to have the time to squeeze in watching all the movies! I really liked Mad Max Fury Road, Room, The Martian, and The Big Short this year!

Upcoming Goals to Complete:

ONE // Read 30 Books - I've got 9/30 down, but I'm trying to make time for reading every night before bed! I really would like to complete this by the end of the year if possible. I'm currently reading The Husband's Secret and I'm hooked! If you have book suggestions I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

TWO // Watch 5 Documentaries - I love watching documentaries and there's plenty of them on Netflix. I'm going to make an effort to complete this goal over the new couple of months

THREE // Invest in one really nice handbag - Honestly, the only thing holding me back from this is I keep changing my mind one which nice handbag I'd like! Hopefully I'll do this in the fall and finally make up my mind! Any suggestions on a splurge handbag you love?

FOUR // Go back to France and visit my old neighborhood - I've hinted at this a little, but Alex and I are going to France in August! I can't wait to take him to Paris and show him where I lived for six months! We're also bopping around the country so stay tuned for more on that trip! I can't wait!

FIVE // Go to the Texas State Fair - my plane ticket is booked! I'm going to Dallas in October with a bunch of friends from Tulane and we're all heading to the fair! I'm excited to head back to Dallas and see all my friends that I don't get to spend enough time with!

Do you have a 101 in 1001 goals list? I am going to try and be more vigalent of completing my goals, I'll be sure to update you again in a few months!

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A Walk in the Park

Monday, July 18, 2016

I have spent the last couple years stocking up my closet with fun, easy tops to throw on in the summer. This little seersucker top is no exception. I love how comfortable, breezy, and downright easy it is to throw on with a pair of shorts and sandals, BAM instant cute outfit!
I wore this top up to my parents' house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania over the weekend. We had a little BBQ and pool party on Saturday night and then went to grab breakfast at one of my dad's favorite spots, The Yardley Inn, on Sunday morning. Alex and I took these photos after brunch at Washington Crossing State Park; yes this is where George Washington crossed the Delaware in the Revolutionary War (they even do a reenactment every year on Christmas Day). 
On another note, these little jean shorts from Gap are so comfortable! I've been wanting a pair of cute destroyed denim shorts for awhile, we stopped into the Gap over the weekend and I found this pair on major sale! I was so excited I scooped up a pair in white too!

Now, on a personal note. Before heading to Bucks County this weekend we had a little bit of a rough Saturday morning. If you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat (@lauraaimevous) then you might have seen what happened in the apartment over the weekend. Basically, I woke up on Saturday morning, got ready, and ran out to my favorite coffee shop (Peddler Coffee) to grab breakfast, leaving my phone at home. I came home about ten minutes later and Alex was distraught asking me to call to the landlord immediately. The hot water heater had broken and water was pouring out of our bathroom ceiling! 

Long story short, the landlord came over and turned off the heater, stopping anymore water from coming out. We now have a hole in the ceiling and are waiting for a plumber to come today to repair or replace the unit. As for the ceiling that will need to be fixed too. Not sure how long this whole process will take, but we will be having to shower at the gym for the time being. 

Anyways, hopefully things turn around this week! I am thankful for a nice weekend with my family and friends, upcoming trips to look forward to, and a good job, things could be a lot worse!

How were your weekends? I hope you all have a good Monday and a great week!

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I Wish I Didn't Have to Write this Post

Friday, July 15, 2016

Image via 

Hello everyone. I'm sorry in advance for the somber message in today's post. I actually didn't plan on posting anything today, but after the tragic events which unfolded last night I decided I didn't want to be silent.

Last night, on Bastille Day in Nice, France a truck drove into a crowd of people gathered to watch the fireworks in celebration of freedom and independence. The truck killed 84 people and injured many more.

I just wanted to take the time out of my day to use my little platform on the internet to send my warm, peaceful thoughts and prayers to the people of Nice and the families of the victims. While EVERY single act of terrorism in the world deserves our attention, and every victim deserves our thoughts and prayers, this tragedy struck especially close to home for me. My best friend since I was a child is living just 6 miles out of Nice with a French family for the summer. Luckily, the weather kept her and her family inside last night and she is safe. However, when I first heard about the events a very personal wave of terror came over me. When things like this happen, it makes me sick to my stomach.

I hope that the violence comes to an end soon, I'm sick of reading about things like this happening. I hate that my friend has had to make Facebook statuses two years in a row letting friends and family know she is safe and was not harmed in a terrorism attack in France. I hate that Alex turned to me last night and asked if we should cancel our plans to visit Nice at the end of August. I hate that we need to even consider these options.

Anyways, I don't want to be negative, I just want to send peaceful, loving vibes into the world today. I hope that I don't have to post anything like this or wake up to news like this happening anywhere in the world for a long, long time.

And for those of you wondering, our plan is to still travel to Nice at the end of the summer. I am still very excited for the trip and I think that a town that thrives on tourism needs people to feel comfortable visiting still, now more than ever. If it seems unsafe closer to the date of our trip we will reassess and visit another location, but for now our plan is to still go.

Anyways, I'm sorry for taking any of your time this weekend with negative thoughts, but I wanted to say something. Have a very happy and safe weekend.

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Nantucket Travel Guide: Where to Eat, Drink, and What to Do

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Last week on the blog I shared some details and photographs from my latest trip to Nantucket for the Fourth of July. This past trip was my fourth time venturing to the island to visit my friend Katherine as she works on the island for most of the year. So many people commented about the beauty of the island and expressed interest in wanting to visit Nantucket themselves one day. I thought it would be useful to put together a little guide of my favorite places from my past visits so if you visit you will know exactly where to eat, drink, and what to do while spending your time on ACK (which is the nickname for Nantucket and the airport call sign!).


ONE // Millie's - Millie's is probably my favorite restaurant on the island. The original Madaket location serves amazing Mexican style food and great drinks. I suggest trying the Altar Rock appetizer which will give you a sampling of salsa, guacamole, and queso. We also usually order the Ahi Tuna appetizer which is simply delicious and so fresh. For dinner I usually get either tacos or a quesadilla (the Starbuck Road is my favorite). To drink, try the blueberry lemonade it's so yummy and has a kick ;)

Millie's also operates a small market with ice cream and to-go sandwiches that you can bring to the beach in Madaket, a dockside location with a smaller menu which is perfect for late-night eats after a night out in town, and a food truck which is often parked at Cisco Brewery and has delicious street corn, tacos, and lobster rolls. No matter what a visit to Nantucket is not complete without a stop at Millie's. For an added bonus, if you time your meal right you can catch the best sunset on the island in Madaket at the original location!

TWO // Something Natural - This little sandwich place is conveniently located just outside of downtown and close to Steps Beach. It gets really crowded at lunch time, so try and call your order in ahead of time to avoid waiting! They offer a variety of sandwiches, including a lobster salad which is very popular. My favorite thing here? The Portuguese bread which they make fresh on site and is so good. Something to note, the sandwiches are HUGE so I only order a half sandwich, if I'm feeling a little hungrier I'll get one of their homemade chocolate chip cookies to go with my sandwich. They have a lot of picnic tables on site if you want to eat there, or you can take your sandwiches to go and ride to nearby Steps Beach and enjoy your meal.

THREE // Claudette's - This little sandwich place in Siasconset (or 'Sconset to locals) is another favorite place to grab a quick lunch and beach sandwiches. My friends and I love the veggie sandwich which comes on a delicious multi-grain bread with tons of fresh veggies and their "special sauce". They also offer breakfast sandwiches and have a few tables on their patio to sit at and enjoy your meal.

FOUR // Straight Wharf - Probably one of the best and freshest meals I've ever enjoyed. This upscale restaurant is right on the water in the harbor. They are a farm to table restaurant (yes there is a farm on Nantucket, Bartlett's Farm) offering delicious seafood dishes. This picture is from my snapchat, so I apologize for the quality, but how delicious and HUGE do those scallops look?
This restaurant is on the pricier side, but it is worth every penny. They also serve a sparkling rose by the glass which is the best I've ever had. I suggest coming hungry and be prepared to have one of the best meals of your life! Bonus, we spotted Woody Allen having dinner with his family here!

FIVE // The Lobster Trap - If you're traveling to ACK you need to have lobster for at least one (or every) meal. Although lobster is never "cheap" per se, one of the more affordable options for a whole steamed lobster is the Lobster Trap. This place is right in the heart of town and offers a large menu of seafood offering, specializing in lobster boil. They also have a covered patio open late nights if you want to get your drink on after dinner.

SIX // Sayle's Seafood - Sayle's is another option for a more affordable lobster boil. They offer a variety of to-go fresh seafood options. My friends and I usually order a 1.25 or 1.5 pound lobster boil to go and take our dinner either to the picnic tables at Children's Beach or back to Katherine's cottage to enjoy. The lobster boil includes clam chowder, corn, potatoes, and a whole steamed lobster. They have other options available including clams, shrimp, etc.

SEVEN // The Juice Bar - The best ice cream on the island! Although the name might not sound like it, The Juice Bar has delicious homemade ice cream and the best homemade waffle cones. The Green Monster (mint chocolate chip) is a popular option, but I prefer the chocolate chip cookie dough in a waffle cone. They also serve a variety of milkshakes, juices, and sundaes. Everything is good so you can't go wrong! Just note that they are cash only.


EIGHT // Black Eyed Susan's - This cash only establishment is perfect for brunch, just be prepared to wait a little bit! It's well worth it though, the signature toast is amazing, as are the scrambles. I also like the pancakes, side of black eyed peas, and the homemade corned beef hash. Pretty much anything is delicious!

NINE // Provisions - Located right on the harbor this is a perfect place to grab some sandwiches or salads to bring out on a boat for lunch. They have a really turkey sandwich which I highly recommend if you go here.

TEN // Oath - Oath is also located on the harbor and convenient for grabbing food to take on the boat. They serve whole and half pizzas with a variety of flavors. The pizza dough is pre-fried and then they will place your toppings on the fried dough when you order. Once all your toppings are on the pie they will run the pizza through the toaster to make everything warm and melty. I recommend getting a pie that is half Muffled Trushroom and half Bella, trust me on this it's so so so good!

ELEVEN // Handlebar Cafe - This cute little coffee shop offers delicious iced coffees right in the heart of town. Also, the morning buns are so so yummy! I recommend picking up an iced coffee and morning bun and then walk around town to shop!

TWELVE // Brant Point Grill - Located within the White Elephant Hotel this delicious restaurant has great happy hour specials. Stop by on Friday afternoons for buck-a-shuck oysters and delicious cocktails, including a really good sangria, and live music! They also have a really good New England clam chowder and lobster roll! The restaurant has tables right on the water and under cover with heaters, so no matter what the weather is like this is a good place to stop by!


In addition to the restaurants above, which offer some yummy drinks, the island also boasts some great places for going out, having some drinks, and letting loose with your friends. Here are some of our favorite spots to enjoy an adult beverage:

ONE // Cisco Brewery - The brewery is a great spot to spend a sunny afternoon. During the summer you can ofter find a variety of food trucks parked on the lot, live music, and people with their adorable dogs in tow! They have a brewery, winery, and distillery and you can grab drinks from any of the three to enjoy at the tables around the property. I recommend the D'Ack and Stormy drink from Triple Eight Distillery on the property or the Sankaty Light Lager beer! They also offer free tours of the brewing operation and tasting flights. This is also a great place to get a Nantucket souvenir for the beer lover in your life (Alex now has both a tank top and t-shirt from the brewery). If the food trucks are not on site, don't worry, head over to nearby Barlett's Farm and grab some food to-go and bring it over the brewery. 

TWO // The Chicken Box - THE place for drinks and dancing on the island. If you want a fun night out, The Chicken Box is the place to go! Try and arrive before 10:30 as the line outside can be long. We also love going on Monday Nights when they have dueling DJ's and the best music for dancing. The drinks can be a little pricey, but it's a great night out with friends.

THREE // Rose and Crown - Rose and Crown is located right in downtown ACK. They have a dance floor for dancing, large bar, and fun music. They usually don't charge a cover and have karaoke on Sunday nights, and the people get really into it! This place is great for another fun night out of dancing with friends.

FOUR // The Gazebo at Harbor Square - This little gazebo offers a full bar and great specialty drinks. It's usually crowded but if you can grab a seat at the bar it's a good place to get a couple of cocktails. Try the Black Seal Pina Colada for a regular pina colada topped with Gosling's Dark Rum.

FIVE // Slip 14 - Located right on the harbor this small bar offers the regular bar offerings, music, and outdoor dancing. A nice place if you need a change of pace from the crowds at the Chicken Box or Rose and Crown. 


The best part of being in a beach town is taking it slow and relaxing. Nantucket offers all public beaches with easy access which makes it the perfect place to spend some time when you're in need of a change of pace. I suggest renting a bike and riding around the island one day. The island is built for bikes and has a ton of bike trails. You can ride up to one of the many beaches, lock your bike, and relax by the ocean. Another fun thing, is you can drink on the beaches if you're over 21 and don't bring glass containers.

My favorite beaches include: 

- Nobadeer Beach - this is the party beach and you can drive a vehicle with an over-sand permit on

- Cisco Beach - This peaceful beach has plenty of parking and looks out into the endless ocean. It's a beautiful place to spend an afternoon

- Steps Beach - convenient distance from town, you walk down some steep steps to get down to the beach. The beach is located on the sound side of the island so there tends to be more sandbars which are fun to swim up to. 

Another good beach option is Surfside Beach, it has lifeguards, public restrooms, plenty of parking, and a beach shack which sells snacks!

The island also has great shopping, especially if you like preppy and colorful clothing! Try Murray's Toggle Shop to get anything in the famous Nantucket Red color, Blue Beetle for cute clothes and accessories, Annie and the Tee's for fun Nantucket apparel like spirit jerseys. There are also J.McLoughlin, Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Wills, and other preppy staples all located downtown. 

Other fun activities on the island include heading out to 'Sconset to see the rose covered cottages, Sankaty Lighthouse, and grab snacks at the Sconset Market. Spend an afternoon at the brewery, see a movie at Dreamland Theater, check out the Whaling Museum, or even go Whale Watching! You can also buy a ticket on boat tour or rent a sea kayak or stand-up paddle board. My biggest piece of advice is relax and get outside, the island is seriously beautiful and the best part of being there is getting to soak up all of the natural beauty. 

Have you ever been to Nantucket, if so what would you add to this list? If you haven't been what would you most like to try on the island? 

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