What to Wear to Dinner and a Show in NYC

Friday, January 29, 2016


Happy Friday everyone! Boy has it been a long week! I'm so excited for the weekend! Alex is coming up to NYC again this weekend and we're excited to get to explore the city even more! Tomorrow night we're heading to Midtown to see Chicago on Broadway! I remember watching the movie with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger when it came out and being absolutely OBSESSED, I mean, who doesn't love The Cell Block Tango? I'm so excited to get to see it on Broadway this weekend! Especially since it's currently Broadway Week so our tickets were 2-for-1!

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to put together an outfit that I would wear out to a nice dinner and a show here in NYC. A simple, but cute black dress, a little clutch, classic pumps, an understated lip, and a cashmere wrap in case I get chilly in the theater. I will be wearing something similar to this tomorrow night, I love dressing up for the theater!

What are you doing this weekend? Have you ever seen Chicago on Broadway? I hope you have a great day!
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Recent Beauty Buys: Love or Leave it

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I've said this in several posts before (like this one or this one) but I am a but of a beauty junkie. I love trying new products, adjusting my routine, and adding new items to my arsenal. I thought it'd be fun to share some of my recent buys with you today and let you know my thoughts on each of them so far! 

1. Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydrating Sleeping Mask - I bought this about a week ago from the Sephora in Union Square. I was looking for an overnight moisturizing mask as I've been finding that my skin has been drier than usual. I have tried other Boscia products in the past (love this cleanser) so I was intriqued by their new overnight mask. It is formulated with Tsubaki oil and smells great. I use a about a quarter sized amount each night after washing and toning my face. I apply it with my fingers by rubbing small circles around my face. It smells nice and I don't find it feeling too thick. When I wake up my skin is not feeling nearly as dry and I am noticing an improvement overall. Definite love. I now even want to try the oil cleanser from the same line. 

2. Too Face Better Than False Lashes Extreme - This was kind of an impulse buy for me. I was looking at the mascaras at Sephora because I am running low on the mascara I'm currently using (YSL Babydoll) and I wanted to find something new to try. I didn't even realize how expensive this was when I threw it in my shopping basket. After I purchased it I decided to give it a try and see if it was worth the $35 price tag. So first impression, this took forever to put on, you have to do a coat of mascara, a coat of the fibers, and then another coat of mascara. I usually put on a few coats of mascara, but this felt excessive. Additionally, I felt that my eye lashes didn't even look that much thicker or longer than just using a few coats of good mascara. Throughout the day while wearing this I found little black fibers on my cheeks and I was so ready to get this off at the end of the day. Overall, leave it. 

3. Color Pop Eyeshadow in 'So Quiche' - So I actually got this eyeshadow as a birthday present from my good friend and fellow beauty junkie Amy (she picked it mostly based on the name because we both love 'Ja'mie'). This stuff is awesome. I put it on with a brush for a more opaque look or with my finger tips for a more sheer effect. It's really interesting because its not powdery, more like a spongey feel on the compact. I also love the color, it's so cute for a night on the town. I love the glitter, and that there's zero fallout when applying this. Definite love. 

4. Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay Palette - I got this palette back in December and I've been using it a lot since. First off, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It includes 15 shades of UD eyeshadow plus a large mirror. This palette is sturdy and well made. I love the colors included and I am happy with the pigmentation, with the exception of the "Harajuku" shade which I find is a little lighter than I'd like when applied. I do find that some of the shades are very similar, but they very between mattes and satin finishes and I've used them to create a variety of everyday or going-out looks. If you're looking for a pretty, everyday palette with some fun accent colors then I recommend. 

5. Glam Glow Wet Lip and Fizzy Lip treatments - I purchased these over the holidays as part of a gift set which included both treatments, now they are only for sale separately. I was looking for an intensive treatment for my lips for the winter as I feel they are always so dry. I also was intrigued by the "fizzy lip" exfoliating treatment to keep my lips lipstick ready all winter. So first the good: I do like the wet lip treatment. I feel it does a nice job moisturizing my lips and it smells good. I don't think I'd pay $24 just for this treatment, so while I do think it works it's a little over priced. Now, the bad: I think the fizzy lip treatment is a leave it. It does not fizz and while it exfoliates my lips, I feel a sugar scrub works just as well. If I bought this separately I would return it. Overall: leave it. 

6. Living Proof Instant Protection - I also bought this about a week about and I've used it a few times. I was looking for a heat protection spray which wouldn't make my fair feel greasy and smelled nice. I have used this a couple of times and I like the smell and the product does not leave a lot of residue behind. I'm not sure if it's providing protection for my hair, I will let you know in a couple more weeks if I'm noticing less damage. But for now I am liking this!

7. Sigma Make Me Brush Set (on sale!) - I had been wanting to get some new brushes to replace a couple of old ones I had and I wanted to add a couple new brushes to my collection. I decided to get a little birthday present to myself when I saw this set by Sigma was on sale. I have heard really great things about Sigma brushes from some of my favorite YouTubers, and discussed with my aforementioned beauty junkie friend Amy. I received these last week and have used most of them by now. The brushes haven't shed much and I'm really loving the eye brushes. The face brushes are also nice, but I have a couple nice face brushes already that I also find myself reaching for, like this beauty my brother got my for Christmas. Overall: love it, great deal if you're in the market for a new set of brushes. Also Sigma sells individual brushes if you are looking for one or two specific ones to add to your collection. 

And there you have it, I will check back in periodically with more beauty reviews, if you have any product suggestions, please let me know! I'm always looking for a new favorite!

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Recipe: Black Bean & Vegetable Dip

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello Everyone! Today I am sharing one of my favorite dip recipes with you all! This is a favorite both with my friends and family. It's a must have for cook-outs, Superbowl parties, and even for just snacking on the weekends. With the Superbowl coming up soon I thought it'd be fun to share this recipe so you could make it for your friends and family!


1 red or green bell pepper, diced ( I prefer red)
1 can whole kernel corn
1 can black pitted olives, chopped
1 can black beans
1/2 cup sliced green scallion onions
3/4 cup of salsa (I prefer medium, but you can change it depending on your taste preference)

3/4 cup of Mayonnaise  (I normally use low fat)
16 oz (2 packages) cream cheese (I usually use low fat), softened 
3 tablespoons 'Southwest' seasoning (I like this one

To Make: 

Mix together softened cream cheese and mayonnaise in a large to medium bowl until well combined. Then add the southwest seasoning mix. Mix together until smooth. Spread over the bottom and sides of the bowl to create a base for the vegetable mixture. 

In a separate bowl combine the salsa, chopped black olives, diced bell pepper. Drain and rinse the black beans in a strainer until the water runs clear. Add the black beans to the mixture. Drain the corn and add to the mixture. Mix until well combined. Spoon into the bowl with the cream base. Garnish with sliced green scallion onions. Serve with tortilla chips. Enjoy!

Let me know if you try this dish and like it! I hope you all have a happy Wednesday!
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Snow Bunny for Blizzard Jonas 2016

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Coat (similar) // Leggings (similar) // Snow Boots (more sizes here)

Popping in quickly today to share some pictures Alex took of me on Saturday morning during the Blizzard Jonas. We decided to take a walk during the time that the winds were lower and it was only flurrying to get some fresh air on Saturday. I threw on my warmest jacket (it has sweater cuffs and you can snap the inside waist to make it so wind get blow up) and my favorite snow boots (size up one 1/2 size). I need to get some fleece lined leggings eventually, but just regular leggings did the trick for our quick walk. 

Did you guys go out in the snow the weekend? Also, I'm in the market for a longer winter coat for walking around the windy city in the winter, if you have any suggestions I'm all ears!
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Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Monday everyone! I hope all my fellow East Coast people stayed warm during the blizzard this weekend! Alex and I hunkered down in our apartment in Philly. I made my favorite beef soup on Friday night and found a crockpot chicken recipe for Saturday. I also made some progress on my Oscar nominee watching, I've now seen 4/8 of the best picture nominees (The Martian, The Revenant, Spotlight, and Mad Max: Fury Road), I'm going to try and see them all this year, especially since it's a goal on my 101 in 1001 list! Stay tuned for an update on my progress on that soon! 

Anyways, I'm headed back to NYC today for work and then heading to see G-Eazy tonight at Terminal 5 in NYC with my friend Risa from Tulane and my friend Allie from work! Should be a fun show, will anyone else be there tonight? 

In other news, Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I put together a little collage of some fun gift ideas for her. Whether you want to pass this along to your boyfriend or husband, or you want to get something for your friends for Galentine's Day (which my friends and I will totally be celebrating with a Girl's Weekend in NYC the weekend after Valentine's Day). A fresh floral perfume, a fun print for your gallery wall, my favorite red pumps, bright pink nail polish, a hydrating rose mask, a matte lip crayon, or a hilarious book about the dating world today (I've read it and it was so funny). Any of these items would make for a great present! 

Also, if you're looking for an idea on what to wear for Valentine's Day, this outfit post would be perfect for dinner, drinks, a movie, or a show! 

What did you do this weekend? Did you get any snow? What are you wanting for Valentine's Day? 
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NYC: Saturday at Brooklyn Brewery

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sweater (on sale for $50!) // Necklace

This weekend Alex came up to NYC to visit rather than I return to Philly. We had a great time exploring the city, and other than me getting a little ill on Saturday night the weekend was a complete win. Oh, and also apparently my upstairs neighbor enjoys blasting music all night on the weekends which I can hear from a vent, so that's all just great...moving on.

On Saturday we headed over to Brooklyn, which is just two metro stops from Lower Manhattan where I'm living. We got bagels from the The Bagel Shop on Bedford Ave., I went with the rainbow bagel with funfetti cream cheese, I'm normally a savory bagel person (love egg bagels with olive cream cheese) but I had to try this fun looking treat. It was so yummy, and made for the perfect Instagram.

After our bagels we headed over to Brooklyn Brewery to hang out in the tasting room and go on a free tour. On weekends they open up the tasting room at 12pm and run tours every half hour. You can buy tokens for $5 each, or 5 for $20, which are good for one beer. You can also bring in your own food, so many people had brought in pizzas, hummus, popcorn, pretzels, etc. It was crowded, but still a really fun atmosphere and a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon. We tried five different beers and took the half-hour tour which taught us the (very) interesting history of the brewery. Like the fact that one of the founders had been in the Associated Press and worked as a journalist in the Middle East in the 70's and 80's before founding the company. He even learned about home-brewing because in some Middle Eastern countries where alcohol is illegal home brewing is the only way you're going to get a drink. Also, the building where the brewery stands now used to be a Matzah factory and the rent back in 1988 when they opened was only $1 per square foot.

The beers were all delicious and we had such a good time learning and trying new things. Also, the neighborhood that the brewery is located in, Williamsburg, has so many cool restaurants, bars, shops, etc. It actually reminded me a little of the Northern Liberties neighborhood in Philly.

We will definitely be visiting Brooklyn again, it's so different than Manhattan but absolutely worth checking out!

Have you visiting Brooklyn Brewery or even Brooklyn? What did you do this weekend? I'd love to hear!

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Hello, it's me

Friday, January 15, 2016


Hi friends! Happy Friday! I'm so so so sorry I haven't posted this week! This past weekend was my birthday weekend, so I was busy preparing for the party, recovering, and then spending some time with my parents and didn't get the chance to create content (especially since I've been living in NYC during the weeks). However, Alex is coming up to NYC this weekend and I hope to get some photos taken for new posts! Have a great weekend and I'll see you all next week!

P.S. How cute is the cake my dad had made for my birthday? He sent the baker a Lilly pattern and wrote the cake in French! Quelle suprise parfait, merci pere!
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Striped Bow Top & Gray Jeans

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bow Striped Top (alternative option 1, 2, 3) // Grey Jeans
Earrings (similar) // Flats
Lipgloss (Dior Fluid Addict in 'Ciel Rose')

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I am sharing a fun outfit that I would wear on a Saturday or Sunday to run errands, meet friends, or hang out at home. I received this adorable Kate Spade striped bow top for Christmas from my parents. Unfortunately, I could not find this exact top online (it's the Wheaton design, if you look on Ebay) but I linked up a couple alternative Kate Spade bow tops which are just as cute! 

I paired this top with my new grey jeans from J.Crew. I have been wanting a new pair of grey jeans for a few years, so I was so happy when I go these for Christmas. They are mid-rise, which is perfect to pair with some of my longer crop tops, and so comfy. They have the perfect amount of stretch, and I wore them to an indulgent dinner at Pizzeria Vetri last Sunday and they were still comfortable. 

I also am finally featuring my Ferragmo flats on the blog! I wear these so much that I'm actually shocked they haven't been featured on here yet. They are definitely a splurge item, but honestly they are so amazing for work. Comfortable, no break-in time, and classic. I love mine and get so much use out of them. I recommend them if you're looking for a wardrobe staple that you will have for years to come. 

I hope you're having an amazing weekend! I am back in Philly and will be celebrating my birthday tonight in the city with friends and then having dinner with Alex and my parents on Sunday before heading back to NYC. I hope you all have a great one!
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Pink Skirt & Red Turtleneck [Wear to Work]

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Express Midi-Skirt (same skirt, other color 1, 2, 3)
J.Crew Turtleneck (under $25)
Red Heels (on sale!) // Bracelet (similar 1 and similar 2
Stella & Dot Necklace (mine says '504') // Earrings (similar)
Lipgloss (Dior Fluid Addict in 'Ciel Rose')

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I am sharing one of my favorite outfits to wear to work in a business casual environment. First off, this skirt from Express is a huge wardrobe staple. I bought it last year to wear for Valentine's Day and to work and it is heavily in my work clothes rotation. I told my friend Catharine about it as she's about the same height and size as me and she bought it as well! We both rave over how it's the perfect length for the office and comfortable to wear all day (even if I've indulged in a team lunch out).

In the summer I usually pair the skirt with a white shell or a silk short-sleeve top and have a cardigan in my bag in case it's chilly indoors. However, in the fall and winter I started pairing this skirt with my favorite tissue turtlenecks from J.Crew. I even have thrown a cardigan or sweater over my turtleneck if it's especially cold outside.

I love this outfit for the bright colors, comfort, and versatility. What do you think? I also think this could be a cute Valentine's Day look, it's only a little over a month away! I hope your weeks are going well!
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Navy Turtleneck Sweater

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


York Buckle Tote // Riding Boots (similar)
Ear Jackets (similar) // Lipstick (Be Dior)

Happy humpday everyone! I hope your first week post-holidays is going well! I am working away in NYC, but really looking forward to the weekend since we'll be celebrating my birthday! 

With it being January and the temps dropping this sweater has become a staple in my wardrobe. It's just so warm that it keeps me comfortable, even when I'm in Alex and I's drafty Philadelphia apartment. I usually layer a Uniqlo Heattech long sleeve undershirt underneath to stay extra toasty. I paired this sweater with my favorite white jeans since I'm a sucker for navy and white together. 

I pulled together the look with my new Tory Burch tote, a Christmas present from my parents, which is just the perfect work bag. Seriously, I'm so in love, it's amazing. To keep my feet warm I put on thick camp socks and my favorite leather riding boots and was good to go. For my lips I put on my new lipstick, another Christmas present, the Dior Addict Lipstick in 'Be Dior'. It's the perfect slightly pink shade and super moisturizing. It's like putting Shea butter on your lips, so perfect for winter!

What items have you been wearing now that the temps are dropping? Do you wear white jeans in the winter? I hope you're having a great week!
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