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Friday, September 25, 2015

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What a week. It's been pretty busy around here with the Pope arriving in Philly tomorrow. I live about two blocks from the Ben Franklin Parkway, which is essentially ground zero for the Pope weekend. On Monday I had to run down to the Philadelphia Parking Authority (about 1.5 miles from my office) at lunch to get a special resident permit to allow me to park on my street until Thursday night. Last night after dinner I headed up to my parents house to escape the craziness of center city this weekend. I am enjoying getting to work from home (aka mom and dad's home) today and then spend time with my high school friends and parents the rest of the weekend. Also, my mom is going to help me out with a couple of recipe posts so get excited for those coming up next week. 

Here are a couple of things that caught my eye this week:

4// I'm loving the fall styles this season! I want this Banana Republic skirt, this plaid wool Old Navy cape, and these Old Navy culottes (only $17!) which I saw on Jess' blog this week. 

5// I haven't shared with you all my love of Drake (and more recently found love of Future), but Drake and Future released a mixtape together this week, "What a Time to be Alive" ... I bought it #duh and have been mixing it in with my Spotify rotation

6// I want to thank anyone who has stopped by this blog this week! I have been wanting to start this for awhile (I've been reading blogs for about 6 years) but I haven't built up the courage to hit 'publish' until now. I hope it only continues to grow and improve from here! Be sure to follow along for the ride! (If you didn't read this week, I wrote a couple articles: A fall outfit, Easy Beef SoupRed White & Blue for FallMy Favorite CandlesBlue Apron First ImpressionsWardrobe Wishlist so feel free to check them out.

 P.S. This article by Julia of Lemon Stripes gives great blog photography tips for anyone interested!

Have an amazing weekend!
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  1. I still need to actually download the Future and Drake mixtape! Also I tried the TGL iced yesterday and PSL still has my heart.

    P.S. This blog is so great! Proud of you :)

  2. I think it's awesome that the Pope is coming to town, but I can only imagine the hassle it must be for residents!

    I've bookmarked your Philly restaurant guide. I've never visited the city, but we travel so much that I like to be prepared for when the time comes!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you get a chance to visit Philly soon, it's a great place!

  3. I'm excited to try out the toasted graham latte, it sounds delicious!

    - Liz Lizo

    1. I tried it this weekend and I'm not sure which one I like better! Hope you enjoy it!


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