Trend Roundup: Flare Jeans

Sunday, September 27, 2015

flare jeans

Alright so its pretty apparent that the 70's are totally having a moment this fall. I remember the last time this happened was when I was in middle school and I distinctly remember going to Khol's to buy Mudd brand flare jeans which I paired with a LimitedToo (#RIP) peasant top, suede clogs, and a Claire's purse. So fashionable. So 7th grade. 

Anyways, the trend is back this fall and as much as I resisted some of my favorite fashion bloggers totally won me over with their takes on the trend (RE: Caitlin's look and Amy's post). I'm thinking I might have to get a pair. I rounded up six of my favorite styles I found online in all different washes. I'm thinking as flare jeans are a trendy piece I'll probably opt for a less expensive pair so I won't feel bad when they're back out of style inevitably. Maybe that American Eagle pair (in X-Long).

Do you like the flare jeans trend? Any favorite styles you own or are lusting after? Do share! 


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