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Sunday, May 24, 2020

One of the things I love about Alex is that he is also a big reader. Its a hobby we have in common, however our tastes in books are very different. I thought it would be fun to let Alex come on here and share some reviews on his recent reads. If you have similar taste to Alex, great, here is something a little different than the genres I typically offer!

As always, stay safe, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and be smart! 

Five Families

This book is about the founding of the mafia in America, specifically the five families of New York. It is a dense read (over 500 pages) and begins in the 1880's and goes until the mid-2000's. It covers the entire history of the five families in NYC in great detail. There is a chapter dedicated to each family's founding and then progression through history. It lays everything out very well and is extremely informative and interesting. Don't let the size intimidate you, this is an easy read!

Rating: 5 mob hits out of 5

The Crusades

This book covers all the crusades, not just the crusades in the Middle East. It includes information on the muslims being driven out of Spain, the Baltic, etc. I found it very interesting and really enjoyed learning about the cause and effect of each of these events. This is an easy read as it is presented in a narrative form so it doesn't feel like you're reading a textbook. 

Rating: 5 pilgrimages to the holy city out of 5


Spooky October read. This horror novel tells the story of a town in upstate New York who is cursed with a witch from the 1600's living amongst them. They can never leave the town and can never open her sewn shut eyes or mouth. This novel is translated from Dutch and includes commentary on humans as a whole. It has a horror-movie feel the whole time you are reading. 

Rating: 3.5 peacock feathers out of 5

I Heard You Paint Houses

I liked both the book and the movie, while the movie was 3.5 hours long they were able to fit almost everything in from the book, but I would recommend reading and watching both. Frank Sheeran lived a fascinating life so I liked reading his stories about the mob. I also really enjoyed the epilogue where the author comments on the believability of the stories. The book is set up as a large quote from a recorded interview with Frank and then the author will add commentary afterwards about what was going on on the other side. I recommend to anyone who enjoys non-fiction and books about the mafia.

Rating: 5 handguns thrown into the river out of 5

In Process Reads:

Say Nothing

This book has been excellent so far. It is about The Troubles, which was a conflict in Northern Ireland where there was a paramilitary to push the English out to unite Ireland into a singular nation. It is an interesting period of history which doesn't have a many books written about it, I have been enjoying it thoroughly thus far. 

Red Men

This is a very dense, detailed book about the history of the Liverpool Football Club. It goes into the founding and season by season the history of the club. As a die-hard Liverpool fan I have been enjoying learning more about the club and the rich history. I would recommend for any Liverpool fan.

All time favorite recommendations: 

Anything by Dan Jones or Erik Larson

Next in Alex's to-be-read pile: Ten Caesars, The Last Book on the Left, Midnight in Chernobyl 


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