101 in 1001 : 245 Day Update

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It's been awhile since I checked in with you all and talked about my 101 in 1001 goals progress! My last update was after 80 days and now we're already at day 245! Where did the time go? In case you missed it, get caught up here and see my full 101 in 1001 goals list. Basically, this is just a list of 101 things I hope to accomplish in the next approximately 3 years. I updated you on my progress in January after my list had been in effect for 80 days and it's time to check in and see where I am now!

I haven't been pulling out my list as much as I should be, but I am proud of the progress I've made so far. Here are the numbers:

Goals Completed: 12/101; $120 placed into a separate savings account

Notable Goals Completed:

ONE // Try a clothing subscription box (like Stitch Fix) - I finally signed up for my first Stitch Fix box which arrived in June! I blogged all about the process and everything I received. I really enjoyed the experience, so much that I'm getting another box this month, I actually just got a notification that it shipped! I'll be sure to write a post all about it once it arrives! 

TWO // Watch 3 Broadway Shows - Living in NYC for 5 months certainly made achieving this goal easier! I attended Chicago with Alex and An American in Paris with Michelle and Risa during Broadway Week in January! In May I went to Shuffle Along (which was really good!) with Risa, Andrew, and Adrienne! While I haven't made it to Hamilton I enjoyed all of the shows I was lucky enough to see so far this year. I'm hoping to see another show before the year is done, usually Alex and I like to go to one in the fall!

THREE // Try 10 new restaurants - I've honestly tried way more than 10 in this time period. Just traveling for work made sure of that. Here are some of the restaurants that I've tried in the last 245 days which I found the most notable: Uva, The Buffalo Club, Osteria, Antica, Dos Caminos, Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar, Giorgio on Pine, The Smith, Rosemary’s, Jack’s Wife Freda, Straight Wharf, Olio e Piu, Double Knot, Urban Farmer, Cafe Habana, Cuba, James' Beach Bar and Grill 

FOUR // Host a Theme Party - I hosted an Oscars party for some friends in February! We each voted on ballots who we thought would win, I made snacks, and we had some champagne and beer! It was a really fun night and I plan to do it again next year! 

FIVE // Watch all the nominees for Best Picture for the Oscars - I used to do this every year, but after college it became more difficult to have time to watch in the winter (hello busy season for public accounting). This year since I have a new job and no official busy season I was able to have the time to squeeze in watching all the movies! I really liked Mad Max Fury Road, Room, The Martian, and The Big Short this year!

Upcoming Goals to Complete:

ONE // Read 30 Books - I've got 9/30 down, but I'm trying to make time for reading every night before bed! I really would like to complete this by the end of the year if possible. I'm currently reading The Husband's Secret and I'm hooked! If you have book suggestions I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

TWO // Watch 5 Documentaries - I love watching documentaries and there's plenty of them on Netflix. I'm going to make an effort to complete this goal over the new couple of months

THREE // Invest in one really nice handbag - Honestly, the only thing holding me back from this is I keep changing my mind one which nice handbag I'd like! Hopefully I'll do this in the fall and finally make up my mind! Any suggestions on a splurge handbag you love?

FOUR // Go back to France and visit my old neighborhood - I've hinted at this a little, but Alex and I are going to France in August! I can't wait to take him to Paris and show him where I lived for six months! We're also bopping around the country so stay tuned for more on that trip! I can't wait!

FIVE // Go to the Texas State Fair - my plane ticket is booked! I'm going to Dallas in October with a bunch of friends from Tulane and we're all heading to the fair! I'm excited to head back to Dallas and see all my friends that I don't get to spend enough time with!

Do you have a 101 in 1001 goals list? I am going to try and be more vigalent of completing my goals, I'll be sure to update you again in a few months!

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