TBT: Memories of France

Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's hard to believe its been over five years since I spent my semester abroad in France. It truly was one of my favorite periods of my life and helped me grow and learn in so many ways, both in and outside of the classroom.
First off, I went to Paris without knowing a single person. I was on exchange at SciencesPo but no other students from Tulane went over my semester. Not only that, my school does not have dorms and therefore we had to secure our own apartment in Paris to live in. While at first this seemed REALLY scary (especially because I found my apartment online and wired the money to my landlord before leaving the United States, a HUGE leap of faith) it turned out to be THE BEST thing ever.
I think studying abroad is one of the best experiences you can have in college, and everyone should take advantage if possible. Studying abroad not only brushed up on my language skills but it taught me to make new friends, come out of my comfort zone, and learn confidence and independence that I never thought I had.

That being said, I'm so so so excited that I'm going back to France, in less than a month! While I would love to move back to Europe I will take a 10-day vacation. I decided it'd be fun to do another TBT travel post (like this one I did in October about my time in Peru) and go through some photos that bring back fond memories of my time in France.

Why go back to France? Why not go somewhere else? Well, while Alex and I considered going to a new country, he has never been to France. It's such a special place to me that I really wanted to take Alex and show him around Paris, and explore a new part of the country I haven't seen yet. So, look forward to a couple more posts about packing, favorite spots, etc. in the weeks leading up to our trip. If you can't tell I'm very excited, seriously is it time to go yet?

One last note, when going through my old photos for this post I found this picture from 2011 in Paris, ironic since Pokemon Go has made it that they really ARE everywhere now, anyone else playing?

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