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Thursday, November 19, 2015


If you missed my post yesterday I made a big announcement concerning my personal life and career. Go back and check out that post and then come back here! All caught up? Alright, so now you know that I am in L.A. right now for orientation for my new job! While working in the services industry I've had to travel a lot for work, this past summer I spent more weeks away from home than actually at home in my own bed. Over the trips I've figured out what I didn't need to bring and what I wish I had brought along. I thought it'd be fun to share a round-up with you today of some of my business trip essentials, no matter how long you're going for and where you're traveling to, you will not regret brining along these items.

1. A Blazer - I feel like a blazer is an essential for any business trip. I have a black blazer I always pack in my bag. Whether you're going to a training, conference, or client site it's usually chilly in the rooms you'll be working in. Having a blazer to throw over your dress or top will make you look polished and professional. I recommend brining a blazer in a color that can pair with each of your outfits (a neutral most likely) and if you happen to own a fun blazer (like the red one above) throw that in to spice up an otherwise neutral wardrobe.

2. Comfortable Lounge Pants - I love brining these Uniqlo joggers to slip into when I get into my hotel room after a long day working out of town. Usually I do work in my hotel room at night, so it's nice to have something super comfortable to change into when I get into the room. Also, I like having a pair of lounge pants I could run to the vending machine in or down to the hotel lobby to pick up my take-out (if you're on the road for work enough, you understand).

3. Quality Headphones - If you're taking a flight to your destination these are especially important. I always throw a pair of headphones in my carry-on bag to listen to on the plane, and then when I'm working at the airport or in the hotel coffee shop. I love my Beats by Dre, they are so comfortable and fold up and come with a case which makes them easy to transport with the rest of my stuff. I also have these earbuds, which are great for wearing while walking around a new city or bringing to the hotel gym.

4. Neutral Flats - The less pairs of shoes you bring, the lighter your bag will be. One trip I literally took 6 pairs of shoes for a one week trip. I really only needed two pairs (business flats and sneakers for the gym). If you can pair one pair of comfortable shoes with all your outfits for the week, you're golden. Pick something you'd be able to go to the airport in or drive home because if you're traveling with co-workers you might not have a chance to change into more comfortable shoes.

5. A long-lasting, natural lip color - I love this Dior Fluid Stick for work, it's long lasting, natural looking, and not sticky. I always bring at least one neutral lip color and one hydrating lip treatment with me when I travel. Airplanes and cars tend to dry out the skin, so it's important to have something to counteract that effect. And you'll want to look polished when meeting co-workers, clients, and networking so it's essential to have a neutral lip color to put on to come off put together.

6. A tablet or thin computer - I always bring my iPad with me when I go away on business trips. It's lightweight and perfect for entertaining myself on the plane, skyping with Alex, and checking blogs at night after work. You want something lightweight so you don't feel like you're lugging bricks around with you, your shoulders will thank you!

7. Airborne or any Vitamin C tablet - When you travel you're more prone to sickness, plain and simple. I'm no doctor, but I know if I take a Vitamin C supplement when I travel I am giving my immune system a little boost and making it less likely I'll pick something up. Who wants to be sick when they're away for work? Or even when they arrive home? Nobody. Slip these in your bag with your toiletries and take one per day. I actually take these every morning during busy season to keep my immune system trucking along even when I'm pulling late nights at the office!

8. A simple clutch - I always bring a simple clutch that I can throw in my work bag with me when I'm on a work trip. It's perfect because I can bring with me to go to a business dinner, out to lunch from a client site, or on a coffee run when I get up in the morning. It doesn't take up much room and this way I don't need to bring a purse separate from my work tote.

9. Hand cream (this Aveda Hand Relief is my fave) - Much like your lips, your hands will also be prone to dry out after a long period in the car or on a plane. I always have a tube of hand lotion in my work bag to make sure my hands stay nice and moisturized. Especially in the winter. Nobody wants to shake hands with that person with the dry, cracked skin at the networking mixer. Save yourself the embarrassment and bring this along.

And those are my top "must haves" for a business trip! Some other travel favorites are this make-up case, this lightweight suitcase, and under-eye brightener to look more awake.

What are your essentials for a business trip? Also be sure to check out this post about my favorite totes, which would be perfect to use as your work bag when on a trip!
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  1. 100 percent agree about Air Borne! It WORKS!

    Kelly | Kelly in the City

  2. I love your list and those joggers. I need them in my life. I'm actually on a work trip now and had to laugh - when I first started travelling for work I would bring like 5 different outfits and several pairs of shoes for a weekend trip - now I have 2 pairs of jeans and a few shirts and I'm good to go.

    Annessa / www.seekingsunshine.com

  3. I always struggle with what to pack when travelling for work so this list is great! Also, I'm about that clutch.

  4. Love this list! When I went away my hotel didn't have room service! So I would check on that too because caffeine is essential for me when I'm getting ready!


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