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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! I'm sorry for my little unplanned weeklong absence from the blog. I love blogging and I've really enjoyed creating content, working on my blog, and growing it over the last 11 months (one year blogging anniversary is in September - crazy!). However, sometimes I just find myself busy with work and personal life and feeling a little uninspired to write - I'm sure other bloggers reading this understand.

Anyways, I decided last week that if I wasn't feeling it I wasn't going to force it. And so I took a week off, and now I'm feeling refreshed and excited for upcoming new content! For today I wanted to share a couple of photos from the past two weekends, the first few are of my trip to Dewey Beach in Delaware for the weekend with Alex's family. They don't live close to us to it was nice to get to see them and spend a weekend at the beach.

This past weekend we went back to the beach for Friday night and attended a wedding for two of Alex's college friends and former crew teammates, it was fun since all of his friends were in attendance; not to mention the venue was 50 stories above Philly, allowing us to have awesome views of the city. I snapped the picture above of the beautiful sunset over the city.

We also have a lot of exciting things coming up, first off tomorrow I'm starting a new project for work! I was on my NYC assignment from December until this past Friday so I'm excited that we were able to complete it and now I get to try something new. This project is local, but may involve a little bit of travel to subsidiary companies. I'm actually really excited to have a stable schedule working with a local company, hopefully this allows me to have a better gym schedule too -- I've been falling a little behind! This upcoming weekend I'm heading out of town to visit some college friends and then our big trip to France is coming up in less than two weeks! So much to look forward to, I'm so excited for everything to come! Be sure to keep checking in on the blog as I plan to have some new content related to all the exciting happenings, and follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (sorry I'm not into Instagram stories) for more frequent updates!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, enjoy the last few weeks of it!

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