May Budget Update

Friday, May 27, 2016

Another month is almost in the books. How is it already Memorial Day Weekend? I had a pretty hectic week, a pipe burst at my client site on Tuesday night and so the rest of the week the office has been in various states of chaos while the contractors change out floors, clean carpets, and salvage files. I could not be more excited to go home today and spend the weekend with family and friends. Tomorrow we have a wedding for two of my co-workers at my old firm which I'm excited about and then we plan on relaxing on Sunday before heading to my parent's house on Monday to swim and grill. What're your plans this weekend? 

Anyways, with the end of the month comes my monthly budget update post! If you missed it, I wrote in this post about my monthly budget here where I have laid out a quarterly budget of $800.

Here is how the year is panning out so far:

January: $0 (I went a month without shopping, one of my 101 in 1001 goals!)
February: $392
March: $517
Total Q1: $909 (overspent in Q1 by $109)

April: $134.25
Amount left for Q2: $665.75

See all 2016 additions to my wardrobe here
May Purchases:

Baublebar Kiara Drop Earrings - $36, less coupon code, $28.80 total

Banana Republic Bow Back Off-Shoulder Top - $49.50, less coupon code, $30

Banana Republic Striped Off-Shoulder Top (similar here) - $79, used coupon code $37

Endless Rose Louvre Top, also here - $59 (worn here)

Troubadour Chelsea Skirt - $178, on sale for $89 (worn here)

Total Spent for May: $266

Total Q2 Spending: $400
Total Left for June: $400

I'm ok with this spending, and June is either going to be a really light month or I'm going to go crazy. I have some summer events and travels coming up so that usually drives up my spending, however I'll be working at home now and will not be saving money on expenses during the week which could force me to be more careful. I'm on the hunt for some new business casual clothes to replace some worn out items in my wardrobe and those tend to be rather pricey. I also have a very special purchase for my wardrobe coming up which may cause me to be frugal elsewhere, stay tuned!

How did you do this month? 

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  1. That top looks better on you than it does the model! So fun for summer!

  2. I love those earrings. Actually, I love the earrings you're wearing and the new ones you bought!! I love your style - so inspiring!

  3. I love shopping and really need to cut down on what I spend..I wear the same things all time and wind up taking clothes to Goodwill with tags still on them.. having said that I really want an off the should top for summer...:)

  4. I think I might go a little crazy with the spending this June as well, since I had to save money this month for my new place. Your weekend sounds like it'll be a great one, I keep forgetting that Monday is Memorial Day!

  5. I definitely didn't do as well with my budget this month, but I decided to leave my part time job as such am doing a bit of stock up on different products that I regularly use while I can still save money so I'm not worrying too much about it but it does mean the next couple months I'll need to be extra special.

  6. This month has definitely shown me that I need to make a budget! I love the idea of splitting the year into quarters so there's more flexibility month to month. I know the Memorial Day sales are definitely going to put a dent in my bank account but I'm hoping June is a much slower month :)

    Hustle & Whoa

  7. Aubrey is right, that top does look better on you than it does on the model! I'm loving the tote you picked up as well. Personally, I'm a little over budget for the month, but I'm still under for the quarter. Actually, our spending this month was actually pretty similar, lol.

  8. Ooooo, that black top! And the purse. And all of it :)

  9. That is a beautiful top. Budgets are always hard for me.. Im a compulsive shopper.

  10. I never thought about breaking up my spending goals like this. It's really smart. I feel like it would make you be super cautious the first part because if you go over you know the other months you can't. Love that skirt.


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