2016 Oscar Party Themed Menu

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Awards show season has been upon us and on Sunday night the Oscars will determine the biggest winners in Hollywood for the year. If you know my personally, then you know I love award shows, especially the Oscars. In college I used to watch all the nominees for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress. Nowadays I don't have quite that much time, but I am still watching all the Best Picture nominees for the year, it's actually one of my 101 in 1001 goals

Since I've seen all the movies nominated for the most coveted award this year, I thought it would be fun to put  together an Oscars Party menu with different party foods you could serve at your own, each inspired by one of this years nominees. In some cases, like The Martian, it was super easy to think of a food to showcase (potatoes are a big part of the movie), in other cases it was a little more difficult (I resorted to a pun for 'Bridge of Spies'). No matter what, a good theme party is always fun and I'm sure your guests will enjoy! Each link below contains a link to the original recipe and picture of where I found these recipes after I decided on a dish I wanted to use for each movie. 
Mad Max: Fury Road // Sparkling Water Cocktails
Water is such an important element of this movie I wanted to use it as the inspiration for the menu item. I decided a simple cocktail would work perfectly for your party. If you don't want to drink you could just serve sparkling water with various fruits to garnish the glasses!

The Revenant // Grizzly Bear Claws
As soon as I saw this film I knew I had to use a form of bear claw pastry as the dish it inspires. Your guests will love the sweet flaky snack, and the connection to the movie is undeniable. 

This one was a little harder since there are no foods that are really the focus of this movie. However, Boston is such a integral part of the fabric of the film that I decided a snack inspired by the location would be best. I settled on this yummy looking cupcake that actually looks pretty easy to make!

The Martian // Mashed Potato Bites
I needed a savory snack and luckily potatoes happen to be an integral part of the movie. These cute play on twice baked potatoes look like the perfect thing to serve for this movie. If only Matt Damon's potatoes had looked this good.

Birthday cake is really the only important food the movie focuses on, except for maybe cereal. I knew I wanted to do a cupcake for Spotlight, so I thought a fun cocktail would be perfect for this movie. Because it's not a party without a fun shot right? 

The Big Short // NYC Style Mini Hot-Dogs
I went back and forth a lot before settling on mini hot-dogs as my pick for this movie. I even asked all my co-workers (native New Yorkers working on Wall Street) for ideas. I settled on a classic NYC hot-dog, but bite-sized as it seemed the most realistic for your party. Other ideas which could work are sushi or pizza bites!

I knew I wanted to use spaghetti, because of this scene (link contains no spoilers). I wanted to make sure that the Spaghetti would be a good finger food for your party, and remembered the Spaghetti and Meatball nests I had seen floating around Pinterest awhile ago. These are the perfect savory bites for your guests and have a clear connection to the film.

Bridge of Spies // "Bridge of" Apple Pie Fries
Honestly, this one was the hardest for me. I originally was going to use a Russian or German themed apetizer, but then thought maybe American theme Apple Pie would be easier and round out the menu with another sweet option. And then I thought of the pun and couldn't resist. Because no Oscar party is complete without a play on words on the menu. 

Will you be watching the 2016 Oscars? Will you be hosting a party? Who do you want to take home the big honors? Let me know in the comments!
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  1. Is it bad I forgot the Oscars were this weekend!? All those food options look so delicious!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. These look amazing. I've had a birthday cake shot but not one as festive as this. I wish I could go to this Oscar party!

  3. I love this! So creative. I'm definitely rooting for Leo all the way!

  4. Such great ideas! I was invited to an Oscar party this weekend and have been wondering what to bring. I can't decide between the sparkling water cocktails, mashed potato bites, and apple fries so I just may need to bring them all!

  5. What an interesting way to promote other blogs and also yours. I love the post, very ingenious!

  6. Love this idea! So fun!

    Xo, Emilee


  7. I love all of the recipes and the creative way you incorporated the food and movies!

  8. These are such fun themes for each movie! Yum! Can't wait to see who the big winners are tonight!


  9. I made a list of movies I need to watch now. I hadn't seen quite a few of them! Did you have a favorite?? These recipes are all amazinngggggg!! Thanks for sharing! Now I'm hungry and need a cocktail. ;)

  10. I am truly in love with this Oscar themed menu. Everything is looking beautiful and delicious. Would love to try all this stuff on my 19th birthday celebrations. Going to set up an Oscar theme for entre party. Hopefully will be able to book venues in NYC within budget.


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