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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Wow, so that break lasted a little longer than I intended. Sorry about that. Clearly a lot has happened since December 2016 when I published my last post. Let me give you the highlights.


 Traveled to Iceland, Spain, Tennessee, New Mexico, Las Vegas, and more. I got the opportunity to work on a project at my job where I was traveling to Spain almost every other week in the Fall. It was awesome working with a smart, interesting international team! I miss them now!

My mom and I with my new cat, Leo! Adopted April 2017

          My two cat babies (Kalliope and Leo)

Alex and I in Iceland in June 2017

Me, Alex, and our friend John in Iceland in 2017

from a Family photo shoot in June 2017

Oviedo, Spain where I traveled for work, Fall 2017

Teverga Spain, where I went hiking one weekend I was traveling

More shots from Treverga, Spain - Fall 2017


2018 was an amazing year! Alex and I got engaged in February and the Eagles won the Super Bowl the same weekend! After that, I left for Hawaii to spend 10 days with my friends in Oahu and Maui! What a great start to the year! Some other highlights in 2018 were a trip to CMA Fest in Nashville with my best friend Alex (not my fiance), spending lots of time down the shore with my hometown friends, especially Jeanine, planning our wedding, heading back to Spain and Vegas for work, and just spending time with friends and family.

The night we got engaged, February 2, 2018

Our engagement night

Completing the Lanai Pillbox Hike in Hawaii, February 2018

Maui, February 2018
Black Sand Beach in Maui

 Our engagement photos, October 2018


2019 went by in a flash! January started with my first ride on a private jet for work (but to Michigan in January) and I wrapped up my long-term project at work and started a new project in the fall. I got MARRIED in June, had my bachelorette party in March in Miami, and went on our honeymoon to Australia and Fiji right after our wedding. We also went down the shore in the summer, visited family in Pittsburgh, and I did my annual trip to Vegas for work. 
Getting ready to go down the aisle

Entering our reception, NOLA style

 The hora! 

The best day ever (all wedding photos by Sean Marshall Lin photography in Philly - loved working with Sean!)

Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef

Petting Kangaroos was a dream come true!

Zip-lining in the rainforest in Australia

Such a bucket list moment after our 24+ hours of flying!

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb complete!

Champagne breakfast by the ocean in Fiji

Golden hour in Fiji

In our private plunge pool in Fiji

With some of my work besties in Vegas in September

Christmas 2019

And now you're all caught up! Well, almost. In January 2020 I turned 30 and my husband, Alex, and I headed to New Orleans to celebrate. It was a great weekend and I didn't feel sad or upset about turning 30 at all. In fact, I am ready for my 30's and excited to see what this decade will bring. I have a lot of fun planned this year and can't wait to bring you along with me!

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