10 Albums to Chill Out to this Summer

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


If you can't tell already I'm a total warm weather person. I went to school in the South for a reason, I was sick of Winter and needed so sunshine! Even though somehow I found my way back to the Northeast I still relish every warm summer day. And there's no better way to get into a summer state of mind than popping on a chill album, cracking open a beer, eating some guac, and sitting outside on a warm night. Here are 10 albums which I will be listening to all summer!

ONE // Malibu by Anderson Paak

This is a new album (released in 2016). It reminds me of 'To Pimp a Butterfly' by Kendrick Lamar but is a little more retro. Some of my favorite tracks include 'Am I Wrong', 'Without You',  and 'Celebrate'

TWO // In Colour by Jamie xx

This album was on repeat for me last summer and I know it will be one of my go-to's this summer as well. Favorite tracks include 'There's Gonna be Good Times', 'Gosh', and 'Loud Places'

THREE // Lemonade by Beyonce

Would this be a 2016 summer playlist without Beyonce's new album? Formation is by far my favorite but I also like 'Don't Hurt Yourself'. Give it a spin and jam out to the Queen.

FOUR // What I Got by Sublime

Sublime is honestly a summertime classic artist. I could put each one of their albums on this list. However, What I Got is probably my favorite to jam out to mostly because it includes 'DJ's' and "40oz to Freedom". Also check out 'Santeria', 'Badfish', and 'Uptown Dub'. Or just pick up a Greatest Hits CD because that will do the trick.

FIVE // Cabin by the Sea by Dirty Heads

Just like Sublime the Dirty Heads are another classic summer group for me. They're the perfect music for sipping a frozen drink while sitting on a beach. Favorite tracks include "Spread Too Thin", "Dance All Night", and I also love "Driftin'" on their album 'Any Port in a Storm'.

SIX // Gossamer by Passion Pit

I LOVE Passion Pit, pretty much any time of year. Gossamer is my favorite Passion Pit album and I love listening to them at work, especially in the summer. Favorite tracks include 'Take a Walk', 'Constant Conversations', and 'Carried Away'.

SEVEN // White Women by Chromeo

They kind of remind me of Daft Punk with lyrics. They're a great band to chill out and dance to all summer long. Favorite tracks include "Jealous", "Sexy Socialite", and "Fall Back 2U"

EIGHT // Green Album by Weezer

This album reminds me of summers in my hometown driving around with my windows down. 'Island in the Sun' is a classic but I also really like 'Smile' and 'Hash Pipe'.

NINE // Lost Souls Like Us by The Benjy Davis Project

This is the most country I'll get (and I think you need a little country on a summer playlist). I saw these guys in concert a few times when I was living in New Orleans and got really into them in college. This album is great and perfect for playing while driving around in your car or having a beer after work. Favorite tracks include 'Mississppi', 'The Aftermath', and 'Send Your Love Down'. I'd also check out their first album for a little more upbeat vibe and tracks like 'Sweet Southern Moon' and 'Cajun Crawfish Boil'.

TEN // Purpose by Justin Bieber

Ok so guys, this album is REALLY GOOD. It's kind of sad, totally danceable, and I can listen to it over and over again. I kind of regret not going to the concert when he came to Philly. I obviously like 'Sorry', 'What Do You Mean', and 'Love Yourself', but also check out 'The Feeling'.

And there you have it, pop on one of these albums and get ready to relax and enjoy the summer weather.

What are some of your favorite albums/songs to listen to in the summer time? I'd love to discover some new music to add to my rotation!
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  1. I haven't heard of a few of these so I am going to need to check them out!

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. Green Album by Weezer - wow! I haven't thought about that one in a long time but I'm going to have to break it out soon. So many good songs for the summer on there!

  3. Love that sublime and Weezer made this list!!

  4. I used to listened to Weezer's Green album all the time!

    Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com

  5. Music, beer, guac, and fresh night air? That sounds perfect to me, too! You're making me want to bust out some jams right now! I now have new people to check out:)!


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