TGIF + Friday Links vol. 4

Friday, October 16, 2015

Photo via my instagram

What a week guys! Geesh, I mean this one was a long one, and I know I've been saying that the last few weeks, but I mean it. Partially I think the week dragged on because I was so looking forward to this weekend! Alex and I are heading up to New York City for a little trip we had planned back in August. We're meeting up with my college roommate Risa for coffee at Ralph's (expect photos) and then checking into the Marriott in Times Square! We're seeing Something Rotten at 8pm on Saturday so we're looking for somewhere to get dinner around 6pm within walking distance of the theater district, if you have suggestions I'd love to hear! 

Be sure to follow along on Instagram for snaps of the weekend, also add me on snapchat (@lauraaimevous) to see more realtime adventures. Trust me, you just want to add me now because when The Bachelor airs in January I will be broadcasting Alex's play-by-play commentary and you do not want to miss it. Never too early to prepare for a season of The Bachelor (who else is stoked it's Ben H. this year? Do we think they'll start just calling him Ben?) 

Anyways, here is some internet goodness I enjoyed this week:

1// Filed under 'things I definitely don't need but totally kind of want', a champagne bong, cause why not?

2// How chic is this backpack? Adding to the Christmas list now.

3// Not sure what movie to watch next? This site solves that problem for you, they also have lists of  the movies on Netflix with ratings and a review of the movie. Such a time saver.

4// An affordable, and chic mohair coat for winter (on sale too!) #addtocart

5// Clever group costume ideas for Halloween because it's really time to start planning your costume, here are some ideas for what to be with your crew.

6// Loving this song by the Chainsmokers, I actually discovered this song via Ally's October playlist, its a little outside what I normally have been listening to but I'm liking it!

7// More in the realm of songs I normally listen to, this song on repeat. All the time.

9// Since I'm going to Broadway tomorrow, I have musical theater on the mind. I loved this "Hip-Hop Goes Broadway" video by Superfruit, such a fun mixup! EDIT: totally meant to post the new one, but the first one is awesome too, ICYMI! #teamnaenae

On the blog this week:

Notable Sales:

25% off Baublebar with code 'Amigos'
30% off Lands End with code "Happy" and pin "7103"
40% off sale items at Banana Republic
10% Anatasia brow pencil (love this) and 10% off Dior Lip Glow lipsticks (I want to try those)

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the song! The first time I heard it, I wasn't too sure since I typically like the more acoustic but it's just so dang catchy. That backpack is the cutest thing! It's been on my sister's Christmas list the past 2 years so I'm thinking I'm going to cave and help her out this year :)

    Great links!

    Hustle & Whoa

    1. My friend who lives in Texas introduced me and she just bought one, I'm going to check it out IRL when she comes to visit me in November and then maybe splurge haha! And thanks for the playlist, I mostly listen to rap/hip-hop at work but sometimes I like to mix it up, I just never know where to start!

  2. Haha I'm so with you, I'm ready for the next season of the bachelor!

    1. Yes! Ben H is so cute, I can't wait to watch ;)

  3. What great and fun links. Love the song as well, they have good songs, just sometimes the video doesn't add up. haha. the champbong is hilarious. <3 /Madison
    Caribbean Foodie

    1. Haha thanks Madison! I know I think I need a champagne bong for NYE :)

  4. Ahh, how exciting! I want to go to NYC so bad! That backpack is too gorgeous!

    I hope you enjoy your weekend, Laura!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. Thanks May! I hope you have a good weekend as well!

  5. Great post, that backpack is really cute! :) The costume ideas had me lol, women laughing alone with a salad? :P How random!

    Following on GFC and bloglovin' <3


  6. omg, yay! how fun is NYC?!! i miss that city! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  7. Can't get over that song hahaha! Also need a champagne bong, no question!


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