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Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Friday blog world! I'm sorry for being a little lacking in posting around here lately, there's just been so many changes happening, holidays, new job, visiting friends, etc. lately that some things have taken a backseat, and lately that's been this blog. Another issue has been it gets dark sooo early. It's actually impossible to take photos after work and I have been fighting a bug lately (I feel 100% back to myself today though and even went to the gym today!) so getting up early to take photos has been a struggle/I haven't wanted to take photos while feeling not so good physically. I wanted to pop-in here though and get your opinions on what types of outfits you'd like to see coming up? Business/Professional looks? Weekend casual? Dressy? Weird combinations I wore in college where I'll have to link to "similar" items because everything is from Bloomingdeals (it's in New Orleans, best thrift shop ever) or something I've bought since high school. 

I know I normally post links on Fridays but I didn't scour the internet enough this week to find too many links for a full post! I did want to drop off a couple of things:

1// I posted a Facebook status earlier this week asking friends to post their favorite songs that used to play in our college dining hall. The results were amazing, and while I totally didn't post this with the intention of turning it into a playlist to post on here, but after the amazing results I decided how could I not. Here is the playlist. If you were in college during 2008-2012 you will feel the nostalgia. 


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